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“Burnt Beech will give you a new perception on incense”

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Handmade by Burnt Beech: 100% Organic, Non Toxic and Cold-Pressed Incense




~Burnt Beech || Natural Scents & Incense~

We at Burnt Beech, have found an organic & non toxic solution to incense.

And we are so excited to tell you all about it.

Learn more on all your favourite types of scents and all their healing benefits.

Who are we?

~We are May & Eve~

We come from a rural area in the North of England.

Surrounded by breathtaking English moors and woods.

Spending our years together here, we found a deep connection to nature.

We fell in love with all the wonderful fragrances to the outdoors.

Over the last 3 years we have made and burnt our own 100% organic & cold-pressed incense.

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Burnt Beech will be opening an online shop soon.

Including a range of handmade, natural & non toxic incense…Perfect for the mind and body.

For more updates, follow our socials above.