We are May & Eve

We came together 2 beautiful years ago.

Both of us have a deep connection to nature and being outdoors. We love to adventure on mountain hikes, visit new places and countries, we love outdoor sports and meditating.

From Season to season the scents outside would change. From springs floral air with notes of wild garlic and sweet and spicy lilac. To the piney, fresh air in autumn, with a lingering odour of perfuming dropped leaves.

We were fascinated. We wondered how can we bring these outdoor smells into our home, true to their scent.

Discovering natural incense became a game changer. We found the scents we would smell in our local woods or up in the lake district mountains.

Incense and essential oils instantly made our new house a home.

What Is The Purpose Of Burnt Beech?

Burnt Beech is here to provide information on different natural scents. There are hundreds of botanicals, resins & essential oils, all with different benefits and different scents.

If you are meditating, praying, studying, de-stressing, cleansing your home, or you just want your house to smell beautiful, Burnt Beech wants to help.

We would love to hear from you! You can use our contact form, or alternatively, email us at info@burntbeech.com.