Benzoin Incense benefits

One of our favorite unsung heroes of the incense world, benzoin has a heck of a lot to offer. And it goes way beyond the stunning aroma.
Read on for our experts' breakdown of their top five benzoin incense benefits.

What is Benzoin Incense?

Benzoin, pronounced 'ben-zo-in', is a rich, fragrant balsamic resin. It comes from a tree with the Latin name 'Styrax Benzoin'. and is harvested when the tree is around 7 years of age. The bark is tapped using a special tool, and the dark caramel sap is drained. Then, when exposed to oxygen and sunlight, the sap solidifies and crystallizes, creating beautiful resin rocks.
Benzoin makes the perfect incense in this resin gum form, although it can also be further processed into benzoin essential oil and go on to make sticks, coils, and cones.
Burning benzoin incense was, and still is, a common practice in the Russian Orthodox Church and many other modern religions. This is because it provides smoke well known for promoting spirituality and encouraging connection with higher realms.

What does Benzoin Incense Smell Like?

Benzoin incense has a very distinctive aroma. It is balsamic with sweet vanilla notes which makes it the perfect incense for burning at home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
We find benzoin smells best when burned in its natural resin form, either in an oil warmer, or using a hot charcoal disc.

Our Top 5 Benzoin Incense Benefits

The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Research has shown that the scent of benzoin has a powerful impact on anxiety levels. The rich, balsamic aroma reduces stress and encourages calmer, more productive behaviors.
This is perfect if you find yourself acting out or projecting your stresses onto your loved ones. Try heating the benzoin resin in an oil warmer to unleash the calming scent without the harsh smoke.

The Most Welcoming Home Fragrance

The sweet balsamic scent of burning benzoin produces an amazingly vibrant space. The spicy warming notes can lift even the dullest room into a den of relaxation, peace, warmth.
This has made benzoin the essential oil of choice in many aromatherapy settings. It also has a history of use as an ingredient in perfumery and is one of the most prized oils there is, alongside oudh and ambergris.

Amazingly Energising

Benzoin is one of the most uplifting fragrances out there. The warm, welcoming scent inspires feelings of joy thanks to its stress-relieving qualities. This makes it the ideal tool to use when you have been in a slump or if you are looking to get the most out of a period of study.
This also makes it the perfect partner for meditation and yoga practices - the reduced anxiety combined with the mood-boosting promotes a feeling of deep-rooted inner strength.

Builds Spiritual Connection

There's a very good reason the Russian Orthodox Church - and so many others - burn benzoin incense. The fragrant smoke carries messages of prayer and love to the heavens, which is also the case for many other incense fragrances.
However, what sets benzoin apart is its richness. This quality amplifies these messages and sanctifies them to make them worthy of reaching the realms of higher consciousness.

Wonderful for Wellness

Benzoin essential oil has expectorant properties. This means breathing in the benzoin can help to bring up phlegm from deep within the lungs to treat respiratory illnesses.
However, it is also antibacterial and antifungal, so inhaling benzoin can also remove some harmful microorganisms from the lungs.

The Final Word

This beautiful ancient resin is so much more than just an amazing fragrance. Its practicality is incredible too. Whether you're seeking physical wellness, spirituality, emotional well-being, or a huge energy boost, benzoin incense has all the benefits you could ever need.

People Also Ask

What is benzoin incense used for?

Benzoin incense has a variety of uses, including aromatherapy and breathing exercises. It has relaxing and uplifting properties, making it a popular choice for those looking to de-stress or reduce anxiety. Additionally, its sweet vanilla-like scent is helpful in promoting sleep and concentration. As such, benzoin incense is a common feature of meditation practices.

What does benzoin smell like in incense?

When used in incense, benzoin has a sweet, balsamic scent with a vanilla undertone. Its form will determine how much of the natural benzoin fragrance comes through. In stick, coil, or cone form, the aroma of the benzoin will be overpowered by the base wood and combustible powders. However, as a natural resin, especially using an oil warmer, the full scent of the rich resin will be emitted.

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