Best Incense For Crown Chakra Balancing

Responsible for our spirituality and wisdom, the Crown Chakra is our highest energy centre, placed on the very crown of the head. So what is the Crown Chakra? And how can scent positively impact it?

Our Pick: Frankincense

Fresh, earthly Frankincense resin was a signature sacred scent in ancient Egypt, prominently used and burned as a connector between us and other spiritual realms. Frankincense also features in the Bible and other religious texts, once again proving its importance.
Frankincense resin can be highly effective in many medical settings with some evidence even suggesting it has tumour and ulcer-reducing capabilities.

So how can Frankincense align our Crown Chakra?

Throughout history, Frankincense has been devotedly burnt, consumed, and applied to spiritually enhance and heal. And with our own, personal experience, we completely understand why! Many spiritual and religious people burn Frankincense when meditating, praying, manifesting, or aligning their Crown and Root Chakra. It is known to calm our 'physical being' allowing us to reach further into our psyche, thus connecting us to our intuition, clarity, faith, and deep-rooted emotions.

What are Chakras?

The Chakras are seven energy centres located down the spinal region, each Chakra having an impact on how we feel, think, and do. The list below details all the Chakras, their locations, the order of development, and what they do.
1. The Root Chakra 
Location: The base of the spine.
Responsible for: Security, grounding, and abundance.
2. The Sacral Chakra 
Location: The lower abdomen.
Responsible for: Emotion, Spirituality, and Sensuality.
3. The Solar Plexus Chakra 
Location: Above the navel.
Responsible for: Confidence, Ego and Motivation.

4. The Heart Chakra 
Location: The heart.
Responsible for: Love, Empathy, and Passion.

5. The Throat Chakra
Location: The base of the throat.
Responsible for: Communication, Expression, and Voice.

6. The Third Eye Chakra
Location: Between the eyebrows.
Responsible for: Intuition, Awareness, and Perception.

7. The Crown Chakra
 Location: The crown of the head.
Responsible for: Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Spirituality.

What is the Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra (in Sanskrit the Sahasrara Chakra) is no surprise located on the very crown of our head, functioning our quality of thoughts, clarity, wisdom, and spiritual awareness. However, when this binding Chakra is unaligned things can start to feel off.
Being located on the crown of the head, the Crown Chakra is the last of the seven Chakras to develop, perhaps why our wisdom, thoughtfulness, and knowledge progress with time.
In adulthood, this Chakra is truly transforming, allowing us to understand the immense powers of spirituality and our consciousness.

What Does a Blocked Crown Chakra Feel Like?

There are many ways that a blocked Crown Chakra can manifest, some common symptoms include: feelings of disconnection, a lack of inspiring thoughts, a busy mind, and sometimes even confusion.
You may also find it difficult to connect to universal energy and your own conscious and unconscious mind. Perhaps your dreams are dull, you struggle to feel positive or motivated, or you have a disinterest in nature, knowledge, and universal powers.
Another common symptom is overthinking and becoming overly analytical.

Incense and the Crown Chakra

Natural Incense

Our Favourite Type!
Incense was an essential part of ancient living, people used it day-to-day to cleanse temples, heal wounds, freshen the air, and establish a connection with the spirit world. However, incense wasn't like how it is today!
Ancient Incense used to be all-natural, earthly materials without the chemicals and additives sometimes found in modern incense (including sticks, cones, and coils). We also like to call this 'Natural Incense'
Natural incense is a combination of different resins, essential oils, and botanicals, all-natural substances found in unique, aromatic flowers, herbs, weeds, fruits, and spices, (however, the resin is sourced from the bark of certain trees).
So how does Natural Incense help balance the Crown Chakra?
Because natural incense materials are sourced from nature and the ground, they already come with wildly grounding and healing energy.
Plants withhold immense power and this is why so many spiritual people connect with 'plant energy'. Some people bathe with plants, meditate with plants, and burn them so their energy defuses.
Burning natural incense can organically strengthen our Crown Chakra. Our strongest sense is our sense of smell, having a strong impact on our neurological system, our spirituality, and our health. The wild variety of unique, exciting, and inviting scents to incense makes it fiercely effective for Chakra balancing!   

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are usually made by combining fragrant oils with combustible wood powders. These oils can come from herbs, spices, flowers, or resins. The combination is then set around a thin stick - usually bamboo - and left to dry.
Incense sticks are a cheap and easy incense solution, however, they can be toxic if those manufacturers use synthetic ingredients.
We recommend burning incense sticks at most twice a week!

4 (More) of our Favourite Incense Scents for Crown Chakra Alignment



jasmine flower

Jasmine incense is best known for its ability to attract love, improve libido, and heal stress (much like Rose), however, what you might not know is that Jasmine can also strengthen our Heart and Crown Chakra...
Its light, floral, and sweet essence sparks clarity and awareness, allowing you to dive deeper into your spiritual energy, thus naturally aligning your Crown Chakra. 
For true Crown Chakra alignment, one must unite with the earth and earthly energy, and burning Jasmine incense can do just this.


lotus flower

Tibetan White Lotus, often called 'Chakra Lotus', is a powerfully healing and cleansing flower. When burnt its delicate, sweet fragrance brings forth emotional and mental clarity allowing for intense self-healing and spiritual liberation, perfect for strengthening our Crown Chakra.
Lotus was an ancient scent depicted in many Egyptian temples, thus proving its spiritual sacredness.


sandalwood branch

Sandalwood is a pure and sacred wood and fragrance, used thousands of years ago...till today!
The woodsy, fresh, and earthy fragrances created by burning Sandalwood can relax the mind and soul, as well as release divine energy. This is perfect for meditation, manifestation, yoga practice, and prayer, and for healing an unbalanced Crown Chakra.

Palo Santo

palo santo leaf and flowers

Palo Santo is a lesser-known Incense, however, it is used commonly amongst spiritual practitioners for its wildly Chakra strengthening abilities.
Palo Santo is extremely versatile incense. It can be used to rid insects, relieve stress, improve sleep, and increase positivity. However, it is also mind-cleansing and intuition-enhancing, making it an ideal incense to burn when seeking enlightenment.

How to Unblock the Crown Chakra Using Incense

Step 1Set up your space: Make sure the space you intend to cleanse your Chakra in is as comfortable as possible. This could be warm lighting, fresh air, and calming music. Whatever you prefer, as long as you are cosy.
Step 2. Light your incense: If using natural incense, make sure your oil warmer is on a heatproof holder. To learn more on how to burn Natural Incense, CLICK HERE.
Step 3. Enter a state of meditation: If you are a beginner, focus on taking deep breaths in and out. Pay close attention to the sensation as the life-giving air enters and exits your lungs. Maintain this for as long as possible, allowing any thoughts that pop into your mind to exit freely.
Step 4. Repeat crown chakra affirmations: For example: "My soul is at one with everything that is and everything that will be".
Once you have finished this, you should be greeted by an overwhelming sense of connection, and if you don't feel it immediately, do not panic... Accessing the higher consciousness is one of the most difficult aspects of spirituality, and it takes a LOT of practice. But if you don't succeed at first, try again!

The Bottom Line

The crown chakra is a crucial aspect of living in true abundance. Without it, our connections with worlds beyond our own don't function, and we become stuck in the stresses of everyday life. Burning Incense is the ultimate, perfect Chakra-aligning tool!

People Also Ask

What is the crown chakra responsible for?

The crown chakra is responsible for enlightenment. This means that it brings us closer to our spiritual selves and helps us connect with the divine. It also enhances our ability to think creatively and intuitively. But it has another important duty - to enable our connection to the universal mind.

What colour is the crown chakra associated with?

The colours associated with the crown chakra are typically white or purple. This is because these colours are the signifiers of higher consciousness.

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