Best Incense For Third Eye Chakra Opening

Has your intuition been letting you down lately? Perhaps your confidence is at an all-time low, or you feel the need to seek validation from others... This can be all down to a blocked Third Eye Chakra. Join us as our experts take a deep dive into the 'Best Incense For Third Eye Chakra Opening'.

What Are the Chakras

According to ancient Ayurvedic principles, the Chakras are energy centres located in different parts of the body. There are seven in total and they develop in the order they ascend the body. So what are the 'Seven Chakras'?
1. The Root Chakra 
Location: The base of the spine.
Responsible for: Security, grounding, and abundance.
Location: The lower abdomen.
Responsible for: Emotion, Spirituality, and Sensuality.
3. The Solar Plexus Chakra 
Location: Above the navel.
Responsible for: Confidence, Ego and Motivation.

4. The Heart Chakra 
Location: The heart.
Responsible for: Love, Empathy, and Passion.
Location: The base of the throat.
Responsible for: Communication, Expression, and Voice.

6. The Third Eye Chakra
Location: Between the eyebrows.
Responsible for: Intuition, Awareness, and Perception.

7. The Crown Chakra
 Location: The crown of the head.
Responsible for: Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Spirituality.

The Third Eye, or 'Ajna' Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra (or Ajna in Sanskrit) is the sixth of the seven aligning Chakras, usually developed during our late twenties. It is located on the forehead between the eyebrows and is responsible for our: recognition of reoccurring and unhealthy patterns, intelligence and wisdom, spiritual clarity, intuition, and self-awareness.
A functioning Third Eye Chakra enables us to think, act intuitively, and move with unquestionable self-confidence.

How To Know Whether Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

Typically, a Third Eye Chakra that is not functioning correctly is characterised by an inability to concentrate, a struggle to obtain information, a lack of imagination, and difficulty setting goals. Other common signs include difficulty trusting intuition, or finding it difficult to think logically and clearly. You may also experience headaches, tension, and skin irritation around your eyes, forehead and eyebrows - this usually coincides with other blocked Third Eye Chakra symptoms.

Our Pick: Cinnamon Incense

Cinnamon is a popular winter-warming scent, but what you might not know is that it is influential on the alignment of our Third Eye Chakra. It is enriched in mind-healing energy - a host of scientific evidence even suggests that Cinnamon is a natural brain stimulant.
The Third Eye Chakra is closely connected with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, meaning it is deeply involved with the function of the brain. This being said, Cinnamon's natural connection with our mental performance undoubtedly aligns with an unbalanced Third Eye Chakra.
cinnamon leaves
Cinnamon incense is known for its warm, homely fragrance, however, it also has a raft of incredible benefits: physical, spiritual, and emotional. It is said to be a vigorous aphrodisiac and even attracts money, so you get plenty of bang for your buck with this spicy scent.
However, Cinnamon is not the only incense scent that will get your Ajna chakra back on track. Our experts have shortlisted four more great aromas you can try.

4 More Incredible Third Eye Chakra Incense


Sandalwood is a naturally soothing scent, perfect for reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. This makes it the perfect fragrance for alleviating feelings of frustration, sadness, and tension often associated with a blocked Third Eye Chakra. Affirmations and meditations associated with Third Eye Chakra strengthening, combined with the burning essence of Sandalwood incense is perhaps my favourite way to connect to my intuition and enhance my thoughts.


Frankincense incense comes in many forms, from sticks to coils, to resin and essential oil. We find the pure Frankincense extracts (resin and essential oil) to be the most powerful solution for Third Eye Chakra balancing. Frankincense is a robust and deeply spiritual fragrance/substance, hence its prominence in various ancient and holy texts. These spiritual properties allow us to realign the Third Eye Chakra by reclaiming our intuition and connecting us with wild and other-worldly energies.


Rosemary is a popular scent amongst spiritual and religious communities; it is both healing and mind-stimulating. Natural Rosemary incense is as fragrant, earthly, and unique as the herb itself. Not only is Rosemary a pleasant and astringent scent, but it also has naturally stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary can help to strengthen our Third Eye Chakra, as well as assist recovery for our other six Chakras.


Patchouli is a magical plant and scent - it can assist in healing our mind, body, heart, and spirit. It has been proven to have many health-improving benefits; it also naturally relieves symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. When combined with mindful meditation and Third Eye Chakra affirmations, Patchouli incense can help promote focus and clarity, allowing for positive, creative, and inventive thoughts to access your mind.

How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra Using Incense

To open your Third Eye Chakra, you must create a comfortable environment for yourself, with adequate airflow and gentle quiet.
Find a comfortable space: 
Consider all factors: lighting, temperature, colours, and sounds. Ensure all children and pets are out of the room.
Light Incense:
 Place your incense in a heatproof holder and ignite.
Take deep breaths:
 Focus on your breathing and try to empty your mind of distracting thoughts and stresses.
Repeat chakra affirmations:
 Such as "My mind is at one with my spirit", "My thoughts are clear and direct" or "I am free of distraction". Repeat until you feel your affirmations resonating with your inner consciousness.
Blow out incense:
 Gently blow out your incense and wait until it cools before handling and disposing.

The Bottom Line

For those of us seeking to get the very best from our minds, the Third Eye Chakra plays the most important role of all, and ultimately, allows us to achieve our spiritual goals too. This is why you must maintain a healthy balance and realign your sixth Chakra whenever possible. With these incense fragrances, you can rest assured that you have all the tools necessary to maintain and enrich your Chakra and keep that intuition on point.

People Also Ask

What colour is the Third Eye Chakra?

The Third Eye Chakra is blue indigo in colour. It's located in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows.

What happens when the Third Eye Chakra opens?
When the Third Eye Chakra opens, you can expect to experience a significant increase in intuition and a sense of wisdom.

How can I maintain balance in my Third Eye Chakra?
You can maintain balance in your Third Eye Chakra by practising meditation, visualisation exercises, and yoga. This works best when accompanied by incense.

Which element is associated with the Third Eye Chakra?
The Third Eye Chakra relates to the element of light because when this Chakra is open and balanced, we can see with absolute clarity.

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