The Best Incense For Throat Chakra Clearing

The Throat Chakra is the driving force behind our power of expression and communication. Without it, we can feel timid and afraid of judgment, thus resulting in us withholding information and thoughts we so desperately want to share. This can be damaging, especially today in times when communication and togetherness are more important than ever. That's why our experts created this guide on 'The Best Incense For Throat Chakra Clearing'.

What are Chakras?

According to ancient principles, the seven Chakras are energy centres located (and aligned) through the base of the body. Each has its domain and dictates a different element of our health and happiness.
When our Chakras are unaligned or weakened, we can experience challenges and downfalls in our day-to-day lives, whether internal, external or with other people. However, there are many different tools and practices we can do to strengthen our Chakras, and thus regain our power.

The Throat Chakra

Located at the centre of the neck (around the Thyroid Gland), the Throat Chakra - Vishuddha in Sanskrit - is number 'five' of the seven aligning Chakras. As the fifth Chakra, it develops later in life, most commonly during adulthood and around our mid-to-late twenties. It is the control centre of our communication and self-expression, and also forms and basis of our beliefs.
This is a very nuanced Chakra and it can be difficult to master the balance - thus why it is important to take all the steps you can to keep it aligned.
A Throat Chakra that is out of alignment can be characterised by difficulties with communication, talking too much or not enough, and feeling like you have something you need to get off your chest.

The Other Six Energy Centers

The Root Chakra

root chakra
First, developed.
Location: The base of the spine.
Responsible for: Security, grounding, and abundance.

The Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra
Second, developed
Location: The lower abdomen.
Responsible for: Emotion, Spirituality, and Sensuality.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

solar plexus chakra
Third, developed.
Location: Above the navel.
Responsible for: Confidence, Ego and Motivation.

The Heart Chakra

heart chakra
Fourth, developed.
Location: The heart.
Responsible for: Love, Empathy, and Passion.

The Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakra
Sixth, developed.
Location: Between the eyebrows.
Responsible for: Intuition, Awareness, and Perception.

The Crown Chakra

crown chakra
Seventh, developed.
Location: The crown of the head.
Responsible for: Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Spirituality.

Our Pick: Jasmine

Natural Jasmine incense makes for the perfect Throat Chakra balancing tool, thanks to its powerful and wide-ranging healing qualities. Additionally, the sweet, floral scent of Jasmine has been proven to have wildly tranquil effects, so general use can improve other aspects of your well-being.
Firstly, Jasmine acts as a robust protector of the mind - It prevents degeneration and stimulates better brain function, which significantly strengthens the Throat Chakra. To encourage free and genuine expression and a truly functioning 'Vishuddha', an alert and calm mind is essential... Meditating with Jasmine incense can help to do just this.

How to Burn Incense for Throat Chakra Balancing 

  1. Set your intentions

    Have a clear goal in your mind for what you want to achieve with this session. For example, choose affirmations such as 'I will find my voice', or 'I am worthy of expression'!

  2. Find a quiet place

    Make sure you are in a space that is as calming and comfortable as suits you. Consider factors such as the lighting, the sounds, the temperature, and the room.

  3. Light your incense

    Maintain a safe distance from the lit incense and keep all flammable items away! On how to burn natural incense, click here.

  4. Meditate on your intention

    Take deep, slow breaths, and allow your thoughts to drift away and for mental clarity to set in. Then, contemplate your intention.

  5. Embrace for 10-25 minutes

    This is the most effective amount of time for Throat Chakra meditation.

  6. Put out your incense

    Make sure you allow the ash to cool beforehand and then carefully depose.

Other Amazing Throat Chakra Incense


Frankincense is a healing, spiritual incense scent, however, mainly when it is burned in its natural form, as a resin. This is because aromatic resins withhold immense, natural powers - many ancient relics burned resin as spiritual guidance and to assist in connection with the Gods. This can help in Throat Chakra strengthening... When our spirituality is secure, our Chakras naturally align. The Throat and Root Chakras are the most susceptible to Frankincense's healing energy.


Lavender is a natural cleanser, great for healing sore throats and calming energy, thus making it another excellent tool for Throat Chakra balancing. The fresh, herbaceous scent of Lavender incense acts as the perfect mechanism for releasing our innermost thoughts and opinions... Better still, Lavender allows us to fully relax our soul, mind, and body, thus helping us to engage in authentic communication, with no insecurity or fear to hold us back.


Peppermint has many of the properties that Lavender has - being a part of the mint family makes it naturally cleansing and purifying. Still, Peppermint provides a burst of optimistic energy that is great for moments when a boost of motivation, inspiration, and confidence is needed. This also helps to improve assertiveness, self-expression, and creativity!


The benefits of Sage incense encompass many different aspects of our well-being, for example, it improves sleep, boosts moods, increases brain function, spiritually enhances, cleanses negative energy, and sanctifies spaces. This powerful combination makes it an ideal incense to use for balancing the Seven Chakras. Our Throat Chakra can significantly benefit from the voice-healing properties of Sage incense.

The Final Word

With so much uncertainty and aggression in the world today, we need to be able to express ourselves clearly, calmly, and effectively, because open and honest communication fosters peace, humanity, and self-worth... And we need a little more of that! So light up some Throat Chakra healing scents, relax, and prepare to find your voice!

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) FAQs

What colour is the Throat Chakra?

There are seven Chakras in the human body, with each having its associated colour. The colour blue represents the Throat Chakra, although it can also be silver or purple.

What element is the Throat Chakra?

The fifth Chakra relates to communication, creativity, and self-expression. It is represented by the element of ether, or space.
Ether is the space in which all other elements exist and is the source of inspiration and creativity.

How can I nurture my Throat Chakra?

By being authentic.

Your Throat Chakra is connected to your ability to express yourself. When it is open, you can share your ideas and feelings freely, without fear of judgment or reprisal. You can communicate honestly and openly with others, and you feel confident in your ability to be yourself.

The best way to open your Throat Chakra is by living an authentic life. Be true to yourself, and share your thoughts and feelings honestly with others. Express yourself freely and without judgment. This will help to open your Throat Chakra and allow you to connect more fully with those around you.

Nurturing your Throat Chakra so it stays balanced is an incredibly important part of your overall well-being.

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