Coconut Incense Benefits: The Ultimate Summer Scent

To this day the question remains... Is a coconut a fruit, a seed, or a nut? Research suggests it's all three. But whatever this popular and delicious food is, it is a sure winner. Not only is it so yummy, but coconut is also a fantastic summertime scent, great in natural oils, incense, candles, and cosmetics.
In this article, we will take you through the benefits of coconut incense and why you should make it your go-to home cleanser.

What is Coconut Incense?

Amongst the tropical palm trees of coastal areas, in equatorial countries (such as Hawaii, Africa, Thailand, and India), you can find these exotic, healthy, and fatty seeds. It is rare to find whole coconuts in western countries, yet is popular to find in our oils, fragrances, cosmetics, and home fresheners.
Coconuts contain liquid. This liquid is commonly used in cooking oils and milk substitutes. It can come in water and milk form, both fantastic soothers for the mind, body, and soul. Both liquids and coconut meat are known for their healthy side effects, deep nutritional value, and delicious taste.
After being only used for edible purposes, people became infatuated with its refreshing and relaxing scent. This then led to creating aroma-based air freshening products to relax and purify environments.
This is why coconut makes for an amazing incense phenomenon. It comes in many forms, from incense sticks to cones, coils, and loose coconut incense.

What does Coconut Incense smell like?

Yep, you guessed it, it smells like coconut. The creamy, sweet, summery, and fruity scent of coconut is an amazing aroma to cleanse your mind and your home.
Its tropical vibes are great for the summer, so make sure to use it on a sunny day as it radiates positivity and sunshine waves into your environment.

Our Favourite Coconut Incense Benefits

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Coconut incense is renowned for its relaxing qualities. It exudes calm vibrations and defends off any negative energies present. This makes it a brilliant healer. Thus making it amazing to use in any manifestation practices, meditation practices, and home or self-cleansing.
It also helps relieve any anxiety and stress, whether from you or your environment. This is why coconut incense is also perfect when studying, working or just generally when you may be feeling a low.
Coconut incense is usually derived from natural ingredients (however, be sure to research the product beforehand). This means it can purify the air around you, ensuring there are no unwanted chemicals around your space.
This means a cleansed environment and a healthy, cleansed mind.

Balances Throat Chakra

Your Throat Chakra is located between your head and your heart, focusing on areas around your neck, throat, and ears.
When the throat chakra is in a state of balance, you may feel like you have found, or are finding your voice. That you are able to communicate, vocalize, and express more.
It combats any fear of disagreement or judgment and allows you to speak freely with confidence. You may also find it easier to express and listen to ideas, helping your creativity flow.
Coconut helps to balance your throat chakra thanks to its soothing and healing qualities. Research suggests that coconut incense can do the same thing, especially loose coconut incense.

Eliminates Bad Odor

Coconut itself is a great odor eliminator. It is a common feature of all sorts of skincare, deodorants, and perfumes as it neutralizes bad smells with its fruity, fresh, and clean smell.
It only does the same thing with incense.
Because burning coconut in the form of incense produces smoke, it allows the scent to reach wider areas. This makes incense perfect for when you want your home to smell lovely.

The Bottom Line

Coconut incense is a perfect incense with so many wonderful benefits. Its positive, summery and tropical vibe can only bring a smile to your face. Not only does it smell amazing, but it can also make a bad day turn around with all its soothing energy. It cleanses the air around you leaving your home and environment feeling safe and relaxed. We would definitely recommend it.

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