Geranium Incense Benefits: Mood-Boosting Magic

Geranium's not only make for signature garden shrubs but their flowers have been known to produce one of the most fragrant, soul-healing extracts. But, what is Geranium incense? Read on as we discuss 'Geranium Incense Benefits: Mood-Boosting Magic'.

What is Geranium Incense

Incense is an ancient and sacred tool commonly used to cleanse energy, improve spirituality, and rid bad odours. It dates back thousands of years, making prominence in ancient Egypt and Greece.
Thanks to its striking looks, sweet scent, and Chakra-strengthening abilities, Geranium became a signature scent and flower in ancient times. Also, its extract was used prominently by the Egyptians as a cleansing oil and incense, and its flowers were used as a decorative plant.
Many religious relics burnt Geranium within their sacred temples. It was also believed to rid negativity, keep spirits high, and provide a connection to higher entities.
Geranium incense usually comes in the form of an incense stick or cone. However, due to modern influence, these types of incense usually have added chemicals which can be a cause of concern.
Thankfully there is a more natural and ancient form of incense burning - this involves burning naturally sourced plant substances such as botanicals, essential oils, and aromatic resins. But, in this case, Geranium essential oil and Geranium dried flowers, petals, leaves, and stems. To learn more on 'Natural Incense', click here.

What is Geranium Essential Oil?

Geranium essential oil, in Latin 'Pelargonium Graveolens', is an aromatic oil derived from a pure Geranium plant and used for cosmetic purposes. Also, it's oil is commonly used in aromatherapy. However, sometimes it is used for culinary purposes. 
The extraction of Geranium essential oil is usually done through steam distillation, a popular and ancient method. To do this, the plant (usually its petals) is heated with steam, usually through a specialised machine. This then separates the oil from the plant which is then cooled and diluted.

Geranium Incense Benefits: Our Top 4

1. Reduces Stress

Geranium is enriched with calming and soothing energy, thus making it a wildly popular aroma within spa and aromatherapy settings. So, adding Geranium essential oil to your oil warmer whilst enjoying a bath, yoga, or meditation session is the best way to unwind after a long, stressful day.
Also, the scientific community is starting to take notice. More and more people are turning to Geranium's rich aroma and therapeutic properties to help them navigate the intensity of modern life.

2. It's Anti Inflammatory

Most essential oils have healing properties, and Geranium is up there with the best. Geranium was a popular botanical used in traditional Chinese medicine, but its healing benefits could not be dependably proven in these ancient times. Thankfully, with modern advancement and with great scientific proof, Geranium has certified anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a promising potential component in natural, safe anti-inflammatory drugs. Geranium is also fast becoming a therapeutic for inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

3. It has Antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties

Topical Geranium oil use is growing more and more common because of its powerful antibacterial abilities. However, it is really important, when using Geranium essential oil topically, that you are conscious of skin sensitivity. This is why it is important to use a carrier oil, particularly when using Geranium as an element of your massage oils. Thankfully, there are many geranium-based products out there to try.

4. It Smells Incredible!

Geranium essential oil is incredibly potent, so a little does go a long way with this scent. The best way to describe the aroma of Geranium essential oils and incense is citrusy and floral, with hints of spice and fruit. Think rose, but with a spicy twist!
Try burning geranium incense when you feel like the difficulties in life are getting the better of you. Trust us, it's an instant mood booster.

Bonus Benefits

  • Geranium essential oil is the ultimate massage oil
  • And body wash
  • Naturally uplifting
  • Spiritually connecting 

How to Burn Geranium Incense


Geranium Natural Incense

The best way to burn natural Geranium incense and essential oil is on a ceramic oil warmer - this will allow the fragrance and healing properties of the botanical to enter the air, without any acrid, potentially harmful smoke.

Firstly, you will need:

  • Ceramic Oil Warmer
  • Tea-light Candle 
  • Long Lighter or Match Stick
  • Pourable Jug of Water
  • Geranium Essential Oil and Botanicals
Step One:
Find a well-ventilated and spacious room. However, make sure it is cosy - consider factors: temperature, lighting, sounds, and colours.
Step Two:
Place your oil warmer on a heat-proof surface out of reach from children and pets.
Step Three:
Place an unlit tea-light candle into the hole of your ceramic oil warmer.
Step Four:
Fill 2/3 of your top bowl-like surface with water.
Step Five:
Add the recommended amount of drops of essential oil to the top bowl-like surface of your warmer. Then, add your Geranium petals (and other botanicals).
Step Six:
Light tea light candle with a long match or lighter.
Step Seven:
Enjoy for 10-20 minutes before blowing out and leaving the cool.

The Bottom Line

Geranium is a special shrub and scent. Not only does it give your home a fresh, fruity, and floral fragrance, but it also has a whole host of healing benefits that we could all use from time to time. Thank you for reading our article on 'Geranium Incense Benefits: Mood-Boosting Magic'.

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