How To Burn Natural Incense To Reduce Stress

For centuries incense has been used as a purifying tool, commonly for cleansing energy and alleviating bad odours. This said, incense is a great way to improve stress and anxiety. So read on to learn 'How To Burn Natural Incense To Reduce Stress'.
 1. Why Burn Incense to Relieve Stress
  1. What is natural incense?
  2. So, what are the effects of natural incense on stress?
  3. Incense sticks and stress
2. How to Burn Natural Incense to Reduce Stress
  1. Before you begin
  2. Now you are ready to go
3. The Bottom Line

Why Burn Incense to Relieve Stress?


What is natural incense?

Burnt Beech wants to return to the peace and nature of our ancestors - back when incense was simply a combination of resins, oils, and botanicals. When burning incense was a spiritual ritual, done with absolute mindfulness. And when incense was without additives.

All this said incense today is made somewhat heartlessly, using machines and chemical binders. This often compromises the natural benefits of burning (or warming) pure plant matter.

Natural incense produces unadulterated healing energy - it also smells better, fresher, and lasts longer than its mass-produced counterparts. Thus why we recommend choosing a natural option and immersing yourself fully in the ancient ritual of burning incense.
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So, what are the effects of natural incense on stress?

As natural incense consists of 100% natural plant-extracts, without any added chemicals, its healing properties are astounding.

Incense has a long history of use as a mind, body, and soul-soothing tool, perfect for relaxation and meditation. In this sense, natural incense is even more powerful.

Natural incense consists of natural chemical compounds perfect for elevating stress and anxiety - essential oil is especially known for reducing stress hormones prominent within the body.

Aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of plant extracts, is widely known for its benefits. Some evidence suggests that it can be an effective alternative medicine.


Incense sticks for stress?

Incense sticks have been burnt and used for many years, especially among religious and spiritual communities. Unfortunately, with modern developments, incense sticks have become less effective and more harmful.

All this said, there are still products out there with natural chemical bindings and plant extracts. However, they are rare to find.

Burning incense sticks once every two weeks can have some positive impact. Incense sticks, when burnt occasionally, can help to strengthen the Third Eye Chakra, thus improving your intuition and spiritual clarity.

The effects of incense sticks on stress are still undetermined.

How to Burn Natural Incense to Reduce Stress


Before You Begin

.Before you burn your natural incense, there are a few steps you should follow. Doing so will ensure your experience is tailored to you and your needs. Because what works for one may not work for everyone. 


.1. Choose The Right Scent. 


The scent you choose will have a profound impact on the experience you have.

Our Favourite scents for relieving stress include:

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2. Set The Mood.

Before lighting your incense, create a peaceful, comfortable environment. Your environment will be subjective to you, so take a moment to consider these factors:

  • Lighting: do you enjoy a warm or cool-lit room? Perhaps you prefer natural light.
  • Sounds: how about soothing, meditative music? Or maybe no sound at all.
  • Temperature: consider whether you prefer a natural breeze from your window or warmth.
  • Room: make sure you choose a spacious room that is most cosy to you.


3. Gather Your Things


Now, let's get everything ready to go. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Ceramic oil warmer
  • Long lighter or match stick
  • Tea light candle
  • Natural incense - essential oil, resin, and botanicals (or separate)
  • Pourable jug of water 


    Now, You Are Ready To Go


    .Light Up


    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to burn your natural incense:

    1: Place your ceramic oil warmer onto a heat-proof surface out of reach from children and pets. Ensure there is nothing on or around your oil warmer with the potential of setting light.

    2: Place an unlit tea light candle into the hole of your oil warmer. There should be a ledge to place it on.

    3: Carefully, using your jug of water, fill the top bowl-like surface of your oil warmer with cold water.

    4: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water and gently place in your resin and botanicals.

    5: Light your tea light candle.


    …Then Breathe


    Enjoy for 10-20 minutes - this is where the true magic happens.

    Take deep, purposeful breaths - in through the nose and out through the mouth. Focus your mind on the fragrances your incense is producing.

    Every time your mind wanders back to the stressors in your life (and it will), gently bring your focus back to the scent of the incense and your breath. P.S. Don't worry if you can't empty your mind, as this is 100% normal. Just keep gently aligning your thoughts to concentrate on the here and now.

    Repeat this for a minimum of 5-20 minutes. Quality beats quantity with mindfulness and meditation practices such as this, keep it manageable. However, if you find you can maintain your meditation for longer, please do so.

    This is a great exercise to keep you calm and balanced, so be sure to take time to repeat this exercise throughout the week.



    Once finished, blow out your tea light candle and leave it to cool. Only touch your oil warmer after half an hour.

    To clean your oil warmer, absorb the incense with a piece of kitchen roll, wipe the oil warmer, and then wash with washing-up liquid separate from other dishes. Use a specified sponge and leave to dry before using again.

    Another option involves reusing and topping the water and incense left over.

     The Bottom line

    In this article, we have discussed 'How To Burn Natural Incense To Reduce Stress'. Natural incense is the perfect tool to keep you balanced and calm, therefore stress-free. So take time out of your day to burn Natural incense and meditate - it is one of the most healing things you can do.

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