How To Burn Loose Incense

 Loose incense is fabulously versatile and is usually untainted by fillers, added chemicals, or combustibles. However, burning this type of incense is something of an art form. Read on as our incense experts explain how to burn loose incense to take you on a soothing and spiritual journey.

"Incense makes my house smell like my home. I feel at instant ease when I walk in" ~ Eve

What is Loose Incense?

 Loose incense is in its most natural form; it usually consists of fragrant dried herbs, spices, botanicals, and resins, without filler and with no added nasties. It can come in powder form or an herbal blend. However, the most commonly used loose incense today is smudge sticks, bundles of white sage wrapped with cotton thread used to drive away negative energies.

Other than smudge sticks, these loose forms of incense are still relatively unheard of, with people often opting for the more readily available incense sticks and cones.
It is important to read the label of your loose incense as, though rare, other fragrances and chemicals can be added.

How to Burn Loose Incense

To burn this incense, you will need:

  • Loose blend of incense aromatics.
  • Heatproof incense-burning bowl.
  • Charcoal disc.
  • Metal tongs.
  • Match or lighter.

Safety First!

  • Always place the incense holder on a fire-resistant surface.
  • Never leave a lit loose incense unattended.
  • Always use an appropriate loose incense burner bowl.
  • Never burn incense around children or pets as they are sensitive to the smoke.

How to burn loose type incense

Time needed: 30 mins

  1. Prepare

    Spread a layer of sand or uncooked rice on the bottom of your heatproof bowl (this adds a layer of fire protection). 

  2. Light the charcoal

    With the tongs, pick up the charcoal disc (the charcoal used for incense burning in specialised) and light it with a match until it begins to spark. Be careful not to touch the area of the charcoal that is lit.

  3. Wait for the coal to heat up

    Set the disc down in the heatproof holder and allow 2 - 5 minutes for it to turn a whiteish-gray colour.

  4. Sprinkle your incense and enjoy!

    Get a pinch of your loose incense blend and sprinkle it onto the disc, allowing the resins and herbs to burn away to ash.

    Only use a pinch at a time, and use the tongs to tip off the ash after each use.

  5. Extinguish

    Once you have finished burning your incense, place a lid on the burner to starve the charcoal of oxygen. If your burner has no lid, allow the disc to burn itself out and cool before disposing of the ash.

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The Bottom Line

 The possible combinations of scents and benefits are endless when it comes to loose incense. This makes this type of incense one of our favourites, However, you must enjoy your loose incense correctly and follow the steps above to ensure that your loose incense experience is as safe as it is calming.

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