How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense Sticks

Crystals are a wonderful healing and spiritual tool that no home is complete without. This is exactly why we need to keep them performing at their best. Join us as our crystal healing expert guides you on how to cleanse crystals with incense sticks to keep their amazing energy flowing. 

Crystals are ancient solidified minerals, that produce unique, diverse, and universal healing powers. Because of this, we use crystals as a form of energy cleansing and combating negativity. This could be within yourself or in your environment!
Looking after your crystals is simply protecting their precious energy which in turn protects your energy...
These minerals are energy soakers or energy transmitters. Therefor they react to the type of energy presented.
They come in many forms, from the pink & plum Rose Quartz to ocean-like Turquoise. And they each possess different and numerous healing powers. Because of this, research is required to tell which crystal types are best for you.
They are used commonly as a therapy alternative as they assist positivity, health, self-care, love and protection.
Sometimes, our energy can become clogged or blocked. Therefore, they need to be nurtured and kept clean. This also ensures the energy system is working as it should. That's why incense is a fantastic cleansing solution for preserving your crystal's energy!
  1. What Makes Incense Cleansing?
  2. How Does Incense Cleanse Crystals?
  3. Our Top 3 Incense For Crystal Cleansing
    3. SAGE
  4. How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense Sticks
  5. The Bottom Line

What Makes Incense Cleansing?

Incense cleansing is a smoke-based ritual. Therefore, it should be used in home cleansing and religious practices. It purifies your environment through its calming scent, powerful energy, and antibacterial qualities!
Incense reacts well with the natural air. For most cleanses, I keep the window slightly ajar. By allowing natural airflow, the incense's potent powers begin to merge with the fresh air. Therefore, when combined, your environment and mind are perfectly cleansed from stress and negativity.
All these factors into its amazing ability to purify your crystals.
How Does Incense Cleanse Crystals?
Incense breaks through blocked energy in your crystal's formation. This happens through transmitting its cleansing qualities when burnt. Transferring through energy waves and particles.
Also, incense's ability to remove negativity helps relieve any bad vibrations passing through your crystal. Making for a newly cleaned crystal. This allows your crystal to maintain positive energy more easily than before the cleansing.

Our Top 3 Incense For Crystal Cleansing


The woody, brisk aromas of Sandalwood incense promote a fantastic vibrational energy release into your crystals. Its calming elements from its natural scent and energy combat any stress-related vibrations that have entered your crystal formation.


Patchouli is a perfumed, floral, earthy scented incense with sweet notes! Because of this, it brings feel-good energy to you and your crystals and promotes powerful positive waves to access your crystal. Patchouli incense brings joy and relaxing vibrations to your aura.


Sage, known for its powerful cleansing qualities, repels negativity and lower vibrational energies. It is ancient and commonly used in rituals and religions as a purifying smoke seen to scare bad energies, beings, spirits, and thoughts.
Some people drink sage tea, to cleanse their gut. Others use it in essential oils and incense for its strong fragranced, minty aroma which exuded stress-relieving qualities through its cooling scent.

How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense Sticks

You should cleanse your crystals at most, 1-3 times a month. Over cleansing can be harmful to your crystals energy. However cleansing your crystal this amount, can rejuvenate your crystals vibrations perfectly.

Cleansing Crystals with Incense.

  1. Be organised!

    Collect your crystals, your incense, and a match.

  2. Find the right spot.

    It should be calming, bright with good vibes. For example, a bedroom is a common cleansing space. Remove all pets from the room!

  3. Open your window

    This will allow the fresh air to enter your room. Place the crystals onto a clean and bare surface.

  4. Be free from toxins.

    Make sure your environment is free from chemicals or anything else capable of effecting the cleansing process.

  5. Listen to beautiful sounds.

    Either listen to natures sounds or play calming music to promote positivity into the room.

  6. Meditate,

    Get into a relaxed state allowing your energy frequency to assist the cleansing.

  7. Light up.

    And be sure to follow the safety guidelines in our article on how to light incense sticks.

  8. Gently does it

    Lightly wave the incense side to side, whilst holding the bottom of the stick. Do this at least 20cm above your crystals avoiding any cloth or objects around

  9. Safely return the incense

    Place in its holder, away from any hazard but close enough to your crystals, and allow your incense to burn through.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your crystals energy with incense is a fantastic natural and efficient way of cleansing, Keep up with the cleansing ritual to succeed in your positivity and healing journey. It is all part of the process to become your ultimate self. Enjoy the smells, the powers and the happiness exuding from incenses smoke. And the wonderful, powerful healing energy from your crystals. Be your happiest self.

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