How To Light A Smudge Stick For Cleansing

 For thousands of years smudging, the process of burning the herb sage, has been used as a powerful cleansing ritual to banish bad spirits and heal the body. But this sacred act must be done safely. Our guide on 'How To Light A Smudge Stick For Cleansing' will simplify the process, and help you to burn your smudge stick in the most effective way possible. 

1. What are Smudge Sticks 

2. Sage Used for Smudging? But Why?

3. How to Light a Smudge Stick for Cleansing

4. Smudging FAQs

What are Smudge Sticks?

Burning thick, tightly wrapped bundles of Sage (also known as smudging) is one of the most powerful methods of cleansing. It can help to purify a space or person of any negative energy.
Smudging is an ancient ritual, dating back thousands of years - it is, and was, an essential part of many Native American ceremonies and everyday life.

Sage Used for Smudging? But Why?

Sage has potent cleansing properties and, when bundled together and burned, produces thick, fragrant smoke which dispels negativity and draws in positivity.
It also has small amounts of psychoactive chemicals that are responsible for uplifted moods, increased brain function, and enhanced spiritual connection.

How to Light a Smudge Stick for Cleansing

Before lighting a smudge stick, you must ensure your space is safe. So, light the Sage using a lighter or a match (always ensure you have a bowl beneath to catch the ashes), fan the smoke into the corners of your room, and then safely extinguish it ready for your next smudging session. Here's how we do it.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Safety should always be a priority when burning any type of incense. This is especially true with smudge sticks. This is because they produce a lot of smoke and don't burn as evenly as, say, incense sticks.

  1. Prepare the room.

    Open the windows, remove flammable objects, and ensure children and pets are safely away from the space in which you will be burning the smudge stick.

  2. Set your intentions

    It is important to go into any incense-burning ritual with a clear, decisive intention in your mind. I find it helps to say this intention aloud before I begin. For example, "Today, I will cleanse my home of negative energy, and replace with joy, peace, and love".

  3. Light your smudge stick

    Lighting a smudge stick is more tricky than lighting a standard incense stick. Make sure the entire end of the stick is alight so it can burn as evenly as possible.

  4. Fan the smoke

    Gently waft the smoke around the room, focussing on corners. You can repeat mantras whilst you do this to reinforce your intention. Hold a bowl beneath the burning smudge stick to catch falling ashes.

  5. Put out your smudge stick

    Crush the smudge stick against the side or bottom of your heatproof bowl. Avoid dipping in water because this will mean you cannot use your smudge stick again.

Smudging FAQs

What should I say when smudging?

Repeating mantras is a great way to reinforce your cleansing ritual. Below we have listed 3 of our favorite smudging mantras.

1. I release energy that does not serve me.
2. My home is a reflection of my kind and welcoming soul.
3. I draw in powerful, positive energy.

What type of sage is used for smudging?

There are many different types of sage that can be used for smudging, but the most popular ones are white sage and blue sage. White sage is often used for cleansing and purification rituals, while blue sage is used for healing and protection. You can choose the type of sage that best suits your needs based on your intention.

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