Incense For Heart Chakra: 5 Scents You'll Love

Finding a connection with our heart's true desires and attracting pure, authentic love are difficult obstacles in most people's lives. Luckily, there are tools out there perfect for mending a broken heart and gaining a person's self-confidence back, and incense is one of our favourites... 

Read on as our experts break down their top 5 scents for strengthening a weakened Heart Chakra. 

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points located through our spine - there are seven main aligning Chakras, the first starting at the base of the spine (the Root Chakra) and the last at the top of our head (the Crown Chakra).

These seven Chakras dictate different aspects of our emotional and physical being, ultimately making us who we are today. That said, when one of the seven Chakras is weak and unaligned, we may experience strong and long-lasting symptoms.

In Sanskrit, the word Chakra means 'wheel' - this name correlates perfectly with how the Chakras operate. Functioning Chakras move and work together, thus bringing balance and stability to your life. However, when one becomes unaligned the others are likely to follow. This is why it is important to maintain Chakra balance.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit) is our fourth aligning Chakra located in the centre of our chest - this Chakra is significant for maintaining balance within our love and sex life.

When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced you may find it hard to form healthy relationships, experience strain within your current ones, and experience a lack of physical and inner confidence. Other symptoms of an unaligned Heart Chakra may include a lack of empathy, low libido, stress, jealousy, loneliness, trust issues, and fear of commitment.

So how can we maintain a healthy, aligned Heart Chakra?

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to keep your Heart Chakra functioning to its best ability including journaling, practising words of affirmation, meditation, and other self-works.

Burning incense and using essential oils are other great ways to help align the Chakras. Read on as we break down our favourite scents for Heart Chakra alignment. 

Our Top 5 'Heart Chakra Balancing' Scents


We can all think of a romantic movie or book where a Rose flower appears, and it's not just its striking and delicate looks that make it a prominent symbol of love and romance... The sweet, fresh, and floral aroma of a Rose is why it's the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The sultry scent of Rose can also increase our libido and creativity, perfect for bringing passion and fun back into the bedroom. Using Rose massage oil is not only known to increase sex drive but can also help to ease muscle pains, menstrual cramps, and feelings of depression.

Naturally, all these qualities make Rose a perfect Heart Chakra cleansing scent.


Another sweet, floral, and love-enhancing scent, though less heard of, is the fragrant Jasmine. Associated with the God of love 'Kama' (or desire in Sanskrit') Jasmine has naturally become a sacred and powerful aphrodisiac. 

Ancient Buddhists and Hindus would wear and offer out garlands full of delicate Jasmine flowers and sanctify their temples with its incense and natural oil - these traditions are still popularly used today to assist in the manifestation of love, peace, prosperity, and joy.

Jasmine naturally empowers the Heart Chakra, this being said burning its incense can attract love, passion, positivity, confidence, and empathy.


The bright, sweet and citrusy aroma of Orange incense and its natural oil can ignite feelings of confidence, joy, and passion, thus inherently aligning the Heart Chakra. However, the Heart is not the only prominent Chakra that the summery scent of Orange can align...

Orange can balance the Sacral Chakra associated with self-expression, sensuality, and creativity. The Sacral and Heart Chakra complement each other perfectly, helping to improve any self-esteem issues getting in our way.


Perhaps because they are associated with water, Lotus flowers have natural soothing properties and somewhat flowing energy. When burnt as incense this energy remains.

The Lotus aroma is fragrant, earthly, and floral making it a strong Root Chakra cleanser. It can also cleanse and align our Heart Chakra...

The Heart Chakra affects our emotions, sense of empathy, and self-confidence, and burning Lotus incense can help to keep this Chakra functioning so reducing these symptoms. You may also find an improvement in your hormonal balance when burning Lotus incense and using Lotus massage oil.


Mostly Lavender is associated with its sleep-improving and tranquillity-enhancing abilities, but Lavender is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

Throughout history, Lavender has been gifted and used to increase sex drive, love, passion, and desire. One of the most significant ancient pharaohs, Cleopatra, used and applied Lavender to seduce her lovers, and from what we know, it worked. Julius Caesar was at her feet.

Lavender can heal the Heart Chakra through its sultry essence and herbaceous fragrance helping to uplift energy, attract love, and improve self-confidence. 

The Bottom Line

The Heart Chakra is a difficult Chakra to align when its balance is off, but with lots of nurturing, you will naturally find your mojo once again. Using sultry and heart-healing scents is a great way to strengthen this prominent Chakra.


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