Juniper Incense Benefits

Juniperus Communis (or Juniper berries to you and me) are known for their flavourful, fruity taste and wonderful health benefits. They are also a real eye-catcher. But be careful, some of them are poisonous!
Safe Juniper berries are commonly found in wines, gins, and food. But Junipers beautiful fresh scent also makes for a wonderful fragrant. This makes them one of today's go-to home scents and perfume botanicals. Read on and learn more about Juniper incense and all its amazing benefits.

What is Juniper Incense?

Juniper Berry is a female cone belonging to the conifer family. But, due to their edible, juicy, berry-like sprouts, they are commonly referred to as berries.
Their beautiful indigo and blue drupes make for tiny gems emerging from the forest. This makes them popular in landscaping and gardens with many many homeowners choosing them for their striking appearance.
People have also nicknamed juniper berries "Mountain Dew". This stems from the fact that Juniper trees grow in dry and rocky terrain like mountains and cliffs. Even though they react well in rough climates due to their solid stature and strong, needle-like leaves, the juniper tree grows best in sunny environments.
From ancient years through to the modern age, the juniper berry has been considered a sacred healer. Used commonly in medicine and for culinary purposes due to their high nutritional value and plentiful vitamin C, they provide excellent immune strength.
They also combat inflammation and promote stomach, digestion, and gut health.
Another amazing piece of ancient wisdom is the use of juniper berries as incense. The Egyptians burnt Juniper berries as an aspect of spiritual worship. This was thought to impress the gods and bring good fortune, as well as calm and stimulate the mind.
This incense is popular amongst religions and cultures nowadays, as well as in ancient times. People use and burn this incense to cleanse and relax themselves and their space. Others use this incense simply as an air freshener.
Juniper incense is burned in loose form, as incense sticks, cones, and coils.

What Does Juniper Incense Smell Like?

The Juniper berry itself has a fresh and sweet scent. When burnt as incense, these notes burst forth and create an enticingly fruity aroma.
It also has a woody, earthy, and slightly astringent fragrance, with a subtle balsamic twist.
Its scent is incredibly unique and ideal for a cozy winter evening. This is because it is comforting and warming, whilst providing endless happiness and positivity.

Our Top 4 Juniper Incense Benefits

Stress and Anxiety Relieving

Juniper Incense is a relaxer and positivity booster. It is amazing for stress and anxiety-induced issues and helps improve general and overall wellbeing.
Its soothing scent and ability to relax muscles and the mind create a calming atmosphere and a balanced self. This makes it a brilliant stimulant for otherwise stressful activities, such as studying, working, or organizing. It is also fantastic to burn when feeling anxious, unwell, down, or hormonal.
Another incredible by-product of this is the balancing of hectic sleep patterns. The stress of life has been known to cause a lot of detriment to our circadian rhythm, which in turn can cause insomnia, sleep paralysis, and many more sleep disorders. So the stress-relieving properties of juniper berry incense might be just what you need.

Deters Negativity

Juniper berry incense has powerful brain-stimulating qualities. It allows positive thoughts to enter the brain and cleanses you from negativity. Many cultures and religions burn juniper incense to purify their environment and deter unwanted spirits. Many folklore tails describe the juniper berry to be protective and guiding. It is fantastic for alleviating mood swings and self-promoted negativity.

Improves Health Problems

Juniper Incense helps improve lung function. It has the ability to break through nasal congestion and lung blockage, meaning it is a fantastic healer for other lung-related issues such as asthma, respiratory dysfunction, mold and dirt exposure, and more.
In addition, Juniper berries are known to improve stomach and gut issues. Burning natural and loose Juniper incense can do the same thing. It can ease stomach pains and reduce inflammation. It can also unblock the throat chakra. Try burning this incense in combination with others to improve an unbalanced throat chakra significantly and improve your overall wellbeing.

Promotes Creativity

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a creative funk. Juniper Incense can help the mind, body, and soul flourish and succeed. It helps with spiritual and mental blocks, enabling you to think more, learn more, and excel in creative activities. It also purifies your environment allowing you to relax, which helps your mind concentrate and access the areas of your brain responsible for inspiration and creativity.

To Conclude

Overall Juniper incense is the perfect incense for releasing mental, physical, and emotional congestion. It brings a huge amount of positivity, love, and concentration to your environment and mind and assists you on your journey of spirituality and self-love. Burning natural juniper incense has many health benefits and has been shown to enhance your overall wellbeing. If we haven't persuaded you enough to get yourself some of this magical incense, it is also the perfect scent for your home. How could you resist!

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