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Lemongrass Incense Benefits: A Quick Guide

Discover the secret to experiencing the freshest and most uplifting scent with Lemongrass incense. This spiritual treasure is gaining immense popularity among communities worldwide, and for good reason. Its unique, healing properties make it stand out from the rest.
Are you ready to experience the benefits of Lemongrass? Read on to learn more.

What is Lemongrass Incense?

Lemongrass is a fragrant tropical plant with a fresh and citrusy aroma. It belongs to the grass family and is native to Asia, Australia, and Africa.
Although it is popularly used as an essential oil for aromatherapy, it is also a key ingredient in many Asian dishes, including the delicious Thai Green Curry.

Lemongrass Natural Incense

We prefer using 'Natural Incense' as it is an ancient and natural method of burning incense. It is believed to have healing properties for the body and mind, and is gentle on the lungs. But what exactly is Natural Incense?

It is a combination of natural materials that are sourced entirely from earthly substances. This includes aromatic resin, which is taken from the bark of trees, essential oils that are extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits, and spices, and botanicals that are simply dried aromatic plants. For instance, if you were to create Natural 'Lemongrass' incense, you would combine Lemongrass essential oil with dried lemongrass leaves. However, we like to get creative by adding resins and different scents to the original mix.

For more information on Natural Incense and how to burn it, you can click here.

What does Lemongrass Incense Smell Like?

Lemongrass gets its name from its citrusy and zesty scent, along with a strong, fresh, and somewhat bitter essence.
With its subtle sweetness, Lemongrass is the perfect fragrance to burn during spring cleaning, bringing the freshness of the outdoors into your home.

Our Favourite Lemongrass Incense Benefits

Over the years, Lemongrass has been a common feature in folk medicine andspiritual practices, cherished for its aroma and revered by its users.

Naturally Energising

The fresh smoke of Lemongrass incense creates a cleanse of positivity and vibrance, fostering an atmosphere of ambition and productivity. This makes it a great scent to burn in the office, during your studies, before exercise, and before a competition. The fresh, citrusy zing of Lemongrass provides the perfect mood boost for those busy, stress-induced days.

Relieves Anxiety

In Brazilian folk medicine, individuals who experience stress and anxiety often consume tea made from lemongrass and other herbs. This tea has soothingproperties, making it an ideal aid for sleep, relaxation, and meditation. It may also reduce the likelihood of seizures.
Burning lemongrass incense can produce similar tranquil effects.

Aids Spiritual Connection

Lemongrass incense has a spiritual sacredness, where in ancient times communities would burn incense to connect to divine energy. The smoke from Lemongrass incense is known to carry messages of prayer up to the heavens, gaining favour with the spirit world. Many spiritually inclined people burn Lemongrass to deter negative energy and thoughts, allowing for a clear mind when meditating.

Natural Insect Repellant

Lemongrass does not belong to the citrus family, but it has a similar scent to other citrus fruits. Due to this characteristic, lemongrass is a potentinsect repellant, such as citronella and bergamot.
Burning lemongrass is a guaranteed way to keep those pesky bugs away!

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, Lemongrass is not as popular as other incense varieties, however, people have used it for thousands of years for healing, repelling bugs, and assisting meditation. So we think it deserves a little more love. Our ancestors knew there was something to this fragrant herb, and we do too!

People Also Ask

What is lemongrass incense good for?

Lemongrass incense is the perfect fragrance for giving your home a fresh, clean aroma. However, it is also ideal to burn during moments of prayer and meditation, or aromatherapy sessions.

What does lemongrass incense do?

Lemongrass incense fills the air with citrus-scented smoke which creates an uplifting and energized atmosphere. This makes it ideal for use at the office - if your boss allows it of course!

Lemongrass incense meaning: what is it?

The meaning of lemongrass incense could be many things to many different people. To some, it's relaxation and sleep. To others, it's stimulation and productivity.

Lemongrass spiritual incense meaning: what is it?

Again, the meaning of lemongrass incense in a spiritual sense varies from person to person depending on their experiences. It could be connecting with loved ones who have passed on or the connection to the higher realms.

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