Natural Incense: Benefits and How to Burn it

Natural incense is an important thing to Burnt Beech! It is a connection to nature, a pure and healing solution to incense and something made with the consideration of your body, mind and spirit. Not to mention natural incense smells WAY better!
When people think of incense nowadays, it often comes with negative connotations. Whether harsh, toxic, bad for the lungs or too powerful in smell. We at here to change that!
It is important to note, that we don't believe that incense sticks and cones are necessarily bad. When burnt properly, in the right environment and for an appropriate amount of time, these types of incense can have wonderful spiritual and cleansing effects. Click here to learn more on incense.

What is Natural Incense?

Natural is the Burnt Beech way!
We enjoy burning combinations of resins, botanicals and cold pressed or steam distilled essential oils in our oil warmers. But what makes this natural?


Resin and resin gum is an organic, solidified, and rocky substance produced from the sap of a tree. It is hard and textured but easily breakable. There is lots of types of resins, some synthetically made.
We only use natural aromatic resins.
Some example of resins we like to use are Frankincense and Myrrh. These are known as aromatic resins because of their appealing fragrance. Aromatic resins are commonly used in perfumes, cosmetics and scent based products, like candles and incense. Each aromatic resin has its own unique and beautiful aroma.


'Botanical' is a descriptive name used for parts of a plant or plant matter. The dried or fresh petals, barks, stems, fruits, herbs and leaves of various plants, take on the word 'botanical' when used for another purpose. Some examples of uses are, holistic medicines, gins and candles. And in this case, incense.
At Burnt Beech we only use natural and non-toxic botanicals.
Whether the botanical has a spiced, floral, fresh, fruity or aromatic scent, when burnt, their natural and true fragrance is enhanced. Burning incense this way connects you closer to nature, leaves you more grounded and keeps your home smelling BEAUTIFUL.

Essential Oils (& Cold Pressed Essential Oils)

Cold pressing is the unique method of extracting the natural liquid and oil of a plant. It is used to make drinks and juices, liquid bases for cosmetics, oils for candles and incenses, and oils for cooking.
Essential oil is the organic produce/oil left from cold pressing (or sometimes steam distilling) certain plants and fruits. It is 100% natural. This is because, once the oil of the plant is cold pressed, it is untampered with. That means no chemicals or solvents!
Essential oils make for wonderful scent-based products. This is because their fragrance is authentic to what the plant is. Common uses for essential oils include: cleaning, perfumes and home fragrance. Some popular essential oils include, tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender and lemon.

8 Benefits to Natural Incense

1. Non Toxic

All the ingredients in our natural incense are 100% plant derived. It is essentially the plant life itself, only sometimes it is from the extraction of the plant. For example, resins come from the inside of trees and essential oils come from the compression of plants and fruits. All these natural incenses are untampered with chemically - there are no added chemicals or toxins. You can't get more natural than that.
Being non toxic makes natural incense kinder and safer on the body and mind. Incense sticks/cones/coils are commonly made with chemical based ingredients to enhance the smell. You can not burn these more than once a week. Where as we love to burn natural incense around 1-4 times a week. And enjoy the wonderful and healing qualities natural incense possesses.

2. Pet Friendly

Because natural incense all natural ingredients, it is kinder and less toxic to animals than other types of incense. It is important to note that they don't like all scents. For example, cats and dogs don't agree with some citrus, herb or mint based essential oils. Also when incense is burnt too close to them or constantly, your pet may find the incense overwhelming. Dogs especially have a strong sense of smell - so make sure to burn in small quantities and away from your pups.
Don't let this put your off though. Here are few of our favourite essential oil scents which are kind to your pet dog or cat:

3. Fresh and True in Scent

Burning natural incense is completely different to burning incense sticks, sage sticks, cones and coils. Where as these have a harsh smokey and unnatural smell, burning resins, essential oils and botanicals have wild, fresh and natural scents. They stay true to what they are. For example, if the botanical or essential oil is lavender, the herby, fresh and earthy notes of the plant remain.

4. Grounding

Natural incense brings your favourite and wonderful scents of the outdoors, into your home. Because it comes from our beloved plants and earth, it gives you a higher and spiritual connection to nature itself.
We find natural incense extremely grounding. It reminds us of the healings from the natural earth.

5. Smells Better than Expected

This may sound like a silly one, but when you think of burning plants, resins from trees, bark, stems, plant oils and leaves, you may think of the words 'leafy' or 'green' or even 'soil'. This is not the case. There are thousands of natural incense scents to try. Whether you like spicy, floral, citrus, herby, fruity, aromatic or minty smells, there is everything to chose from.
And trust us, natural incense smells are beautiful.

6. Helps Relieve Anxiety and Stress

When burning natural incense, you may feel yourself become more relaxed. Incense has been used as an aromatherapy for decades. You may find incense burning in places of worship, meditation, therapy or other places wanting to create a calming atmosphere. We believe the more natural the incense, the more muscle easing and mind cleansing.
Natural incense is great to use in situations such as studying, working, grief, problem solving, meditation, yoga, organising or cleaning. It has wonderful grounding energy and negativity relieving, natural chemicals.

7. Natural Insect Repellant

Are any pesky insects invading your home?
Natural incense is a fantastic insect repelling solution, without using any toxic and harsh chemical based products. They may smell lovely to us, but to those little bugs, they are not so nice. Here are some examples:
Peppermint Mosquitos/ Fleas/Flies/Moths/Fruit Flies/Ants/Spiders
Rosemary Mosquitos/Ticks/Fleas/Bees/Wasps/Cockroaches
Lemongrass Mosquitos/Ticks/Fleas/Moths/Ants
Tea Tree Ticks/Ants/Spiders/Bees/Wasps/Bed bugs
Lavender Ticks/Fleas/Flies/Fruit Flies/Ants/Spiders
Geranium Ticks/Mosquitos/Fleas/Flies/Moths/Cockroaches

8. Amazing for Meditation/Yoga

When meditating, manifesting, doing yoga or pilates, you may find your session works better with aromatherapy involved. Some people like to use candles, sage sticks, oil defusers or incense. Others find it too harsh on the lungs and in smell. Natural incense is less harsh than some incense sticks, cones and coils and candles, sage sticks and oil defusers.
Natural incense is also amazing for: connecting you to your third eye, opening your heart space, relaxing the mind and maintaining focus. It can also bring physical and soulful energy to your practice. As well as keeping you grounded and grateful.

How to Burn Natural Incense

Burning natural incense is easy once you know what to do. So lets learn the low down.
It is important to make sure you take the correct steps to ensure the safety of you and anyone else who may be in the vicinity of the burning incense.

  1. Do not leave the room whilst your incense is burning.
  2. Make sure your oil warmer or charcoal disc is placed on a heat proof surface.
  3. Put the resin/botanicals/essential oil onto the oil warmer or charcoal disc before lighting the candle.
  4. Do not store your incense resins/oils/botanicals in reach of children or animals.
  5. Do not store oil warmer in reach of children or animals.
  6. Ensure any long hair you may have is tied back and any clothing capable of hazard is removed (such as scarfs, gloves or long/loose sleeves).
  7. Before burning, ensure there is nothing in front of, or around, the open flame that can catch a light..
  1. Do not leave the room whilst your incense is burning.
  2. Do not leave a child or a pet alone in a room where/when your incense is burning.
  3. Do not touch oil warmer whilst your incense is burning.
  4. Do not burn incense out of chosen warmer (oil warmer/charcoal disc).
  5. Do not burn your incense on the floor.
  6. Burn in well ventilated/open room.
  7. Do not burn incense outside.
  1. Do not touch oil warmer or charcoal disc whilst cooling (wait 30 minutes before touching).
  2. Do not leave cooling oil warmer or charcoal disc in reach of children or pets.
  3. Do not pour water over hot/cooling oil warmer or charcoal disc.
  4. Do not throw tea light candle into bin straight away. Wait half an hour.

Burning Botanicals

Resins and essential oils can be burnt alone or together in an oil warmer. However when burning botanicals on an oil warmer, it is best to combine with essential oils and water. This avoids the plants burning and loosing their fragrance. Another solution to burning botanicals on their own is on a charcoal disc.
Natural Incense - Oil Warmer
Natural Incense - Charcoal disc
To burn loose botanicals or resin on a charcoal disc follow the steps in the article:


Time needed: 30 minutes.

Please Read Through 'Safety Rules' Section Above Before Lighting Tea Light Candle!

  1. Step One

    Make sure you have all your things ready before burning:
    ~ Oil warmer.
    ~ Water.
    ~ A tea light candle.
    ~ Your resin(s) and/or essential oil(s) or essential oil(s) with botanical(s).
    ~ Long candle lighter or long match stick. Make sure it is long to prevent injury to yourself.

  2. Step Two

    Find a heat proof surface with lots of space surrounding. Place your oil warmer on to the surface.

  3. Step Three

    Place/pour your chosen amount of resin[s] and/or essential oil[s] (or essential oil[s] with botanical[s]) onto the top of your oil warmer.
    Do this with care.
    There should be a bowl-like surface on the top.

  4. Step Four

    Pour water onto your incense till it reaches 3 quarters of a way to the top.
    This is an important step as essential oil could be flammable without.

    Make sure you pour with care to prevent any spillage.

  5. Step Five

    Place your tea light candle into the centre of your oil warmer.
    There should be a cavity to place it into.
    Make sure your oil[s]/resin[s]/botanical[s] are on the surface above the tea light candle.

  6. Step Six

    Light the tea candle with a long lighter or a long match stick.
    Using a shorter form of lighter can be hazardous and/or cause injury.

  7. Step 7

    Once lit, leave your incense to burn for 10-20 minutes.
    Ensure you DO NOT leave incense burning when leaving house or in room alone with children or pets.
    Keep out of reach from children and animals.

  8. Step 8

    Once you are finished, blow out your tea light candle.
    Leave candle/oil warmer to cool before touching.


Bottom Line

Here at Burnt Beech, we have found a connection to nature and the Earth's wonderful scents. And bringing all of nature's benefits to incense has been an amazing revolution. Not only is it a more non toxic, organic solution to incense, it leaves our home smelling wonderful and fresh.
At Burnt beech will soon be releasing our own hand made, natural incense blends and oils. We have taken a real passion to creating a new perspective on incense. To learn more on this visit our 'News' page.
"Natural in the Burnt Beech way!"

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