Orange Incense and How to Burn it

One of my favourite scents is Orange. It is individual, sweet, citrusy, and fresh, deeming a popular summer fragrance. There is no surprise as to why Orange-scented products are at the forefront of the aromatic world. Read on to learn more on 'Orange Incense and How To Burn it'.
1. What is Incense?
2. What is Orange Incense?
3. What Does Orange Incense Smell Like?
4. Orange Incense and How to Burn it
  1. How to Burn Natural Orange Incense 
  2. How to Burn Orange Incense Sticks

5. When is it Best to Burn Orange Incense

What is Incense?

Incense is an ancient tool used to cleanse energy, rid unpleasant odours, and enhance spirituality. It usually involves burning a, or a blend of, aromatic substances, commonly plant matter and its extract.
There are many types of incense. The most popular include incense sticks, cones, coils, and loose. However, our favourite type is Natural incense, a combination of botanicals, essential oil, and resin. There are many different scents and combinations - the variety allows you to explore new fragrances and determine what works best for you.
Incense is popular amongst religious and spiritual communities thanks to its wide array of healing benefits and natural ability to strengthen our energy centres. Its use in religion dates back centuries when ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Greeks burnt plants as a form of offering and connection to their god or gods. The Egyptians were also known to have used incense to cleanse a body before mummification - this brought safe passaging and eternal fortune to the body's soul.
Nowadays, incense has become popular in all types of communities, religions, practices, and homes across the globe. As spiritual teachings increase, more and more people embrace the benefits of Incense cleansing.

What is Orange Incense?

As incense does, Orange incense can come in different forms, including sticks and natural. Natural Orange incense involves Orange essential oil and dried fruit, all 100% natural produce.

Natural Orange incense is great burnt alongside scents and extracts such as Frankincense, Cinnamon, and Geranium.

There are many benefits to burning incense, this said, burning incense sticks can be harmful when overused. Burning incense sticks at most once a week can be healing, especially spiritually.

What Does Orange Incense Smell Like?

Natural Orange incense has a fresh, sweet, and citrusy aroma, extremely unique but pleasant.

Orange incense sticks are sweet but usually have a strong smoky fragrance. This fragrance is usually at the forefront.

Orange Incense and How to Burn it


How to Burn Natural Orange Incense

 Here is a step by step guide on how to burn Natural Orange incense on a Ceramic oil warmer. 

Step 1: Arrange Your Space

Find a heat-proof surface in your house, out of reach from children and pets, and place your ceramic oil warmer down. Ensure there is nothing on or around your oil warmer that has the potential to catch light. 

Step 2: Tea Light Candle

Place an unlit tea light candle in to the hole of your warmer. There should be a ledge to place it on.

Step 3: Add Water

Carefully fill the top bowl-like surface of your oil warmer with cold water. You should do this till it reaches 2/3rds of the height. Ensure the rest of your warmer doesn't get wet.

Step 4: Add Your Incense 

Add 5-12 drops of your Orange essential oil to your water. Then, if you'd like, carefully sprinkle a pinch of dried Orange fruit on top.

Step 5: Light

With a long match stick or lighter, carefully light the tea light candle.

Step 6: Enjoy and Remove

Enjoy for 10-25 minutes then blow out your tea light candle and leave to cool. You should wait 30 minutes before touching your warmer. 


How To Burn Orange Incense Sticks

 Step 1: Arrange Your Space

Find a heat-proof surface in your house, out of reach from children and pets, and place your stick holder down.

Step 2: Add Your Stick

Then carefully place your stick into the holder, with the tip pointing diagonally upwards. Ensure there is nothing on or around your incense that has the potential to catch light. 

Step 3: Light

With a match or lighter, carefully light the tip of your incense stick until a flame is made.

Step 4: Blow Out

Blow out the flame until smoke is produced. 

Step 5: Enjoy and Remove

Enjoy for 5-20 minutes or until the smoke has burnt out. Then leave to cool for 15 minutes before disposing.

When is it Best to Burn Orange Incense?


Meditating whilst burning your Orange incense is a great way to embrace the spiritual-enhancing effects of this unique scent. Thanks to the soothing qualities of Orange incense, you may naturally find it easier to reach a meditative state.

Mantra Chanting

Burning Orange incense whilst mantra chanting is one of my favourite ways to charge my energy. Orange is an energising and uplifting fragrance, so burning it whilst chanting can increase your connection to the words said.


Orange incense is effective for reducing negativity, anxiety, and lack of focus that can impact studying. It may also alleviate mental blocks and soothe fear of failure and overthinking.


Orange incense can naturally strengthen the Sacral Chakra associated with your creativity and imagination. This said, burning Orange incense whilst creating, whether painting, writing, crafting, or sketching, can be wildly beneficial.


Burning Orange incense before sleep can help soothe the mind, spirit, and body. It can also promote imaginative and joyous dreaming.

The Bottom Line

Orange incense is simply the best fragrance you can get your hands on. Its fresh, bright and summery scent will uplift your spirits and keep you energised throughout the day. And the best part? It's one-of-a-kind, so you won't find anything else like it.

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