Saffron Incense: 4 benefits That May Surprise You

This pricey spice may be best known as a costly food flavoring, but there are many benefits to Saffron beyond the culinary. Read on as our team breaks down the very best saffron incense benefits. You won't want to miss this.

What is Saffron Incense?

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.
It comes from the 'Saffron Crocus' flower which is believed to originate in Persia or Mesopotamia. However, it flourishes in Mediterranean-type climates all over the world. Aside from its use in aromatherapy, it is also a popular culinary ingredient thanks to its flavor and the deep yellow color it gives to food.
Saffron incense is created by grinding the saffron 'threads' into a powder or essential oil, which is then combined with wood powders which allow it to burn. The manufacturers set this combination around a bamboo stick to form a saffron incense stick. Or, to make a cone, they simply hand-roll the oils/wood powder combination into a cone shape.
Saffron threads can also make a part of a loose incense blend. They provide a vibrant red addition which is both pleasing to the eye, and smells divine.

What Does Saffron Incense Smell Like?

Saffron has a distinctly hay-like aroma with leathery notes which, because of its earthiness, is perfect for grounding and realigning the chakras.

Our Top 4 Saffron Incense Benefits

Calms the Mind

Saffron has proven to have powerful anti-anxiety effects, as well as reduce the symptoms of depression. Compounds in the saffron smoke reach the central nervous system and create a feeling of calm and tranquility.
The earthy scent also creates an environment of cozy warmth, which makes it perfect to use during a deep meditation or yoga session.

Boosts Brain Function

Perfect for periods of intense work or study, saffron incense has proven effective in memory enhancement and even helps to boost brain function. It can even slow the spread of certain brain disorders.

Increases Libido

Saffron has a remarkable ability to increase feelings of desire for men and women. The warm, exotic aroma can ignite intense feelings of lust so it makes the perfect supplement for spicing up your sex life.

Balances The Chakras

Saffron incense makes the ideal fragrance to burn when you want to cleanse your chakras. Especially the root and crown chakras. This is because these chakras are deeply connected to one another, and to the earth.
The root chakra is responsible for stability, which the grounding nature of saffron compliments beautifully. And the crown chakra dictates spirituality and oneness, so the earthiness of saffron promotes connection with the physical world.

What is Saffron Incense Used For?

  • Calming and relaxation
  • Increasing sex drive
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cognitive tasks

How to Use Saffron Incense

The environment you choose to burn your saffron incense in should be determined by your desired outcome. It is important to always set your intentions before burning incense for a particular goal. And remember, never leave burning incense unattended.
  • To use saffron incense for relaxation, burn your incense in either an airy space with lots of house plants.
  • For increased cognitive function, use saffron incense in a home office. We recommend having the windows open for that energizing hit of fresh air.
  • For getting in the mood, use saffron incense in the bedroom, with warm, sensual lighting.
  • And to use saffron incense for balancing chakras, burn it during a moment of meditation or during a yoga session.

The Final Word

Saffron incense may not be the most well-known type of incense, but it certainly packs a punch. Backed by plenty of scientific research, saffron is a powerful little spice that can give you a boost in so many areas of your life. All you need to do is set your intentions and create the best possible environment for it to work its magic.

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