Why Burn Botanicals as Incense?

Why Burn Botanicals as Incense? The answer is simple. Botanicals are the perfect touch for your incense in your ceramic oil warmer, and to top that, they are full of variety. Botanicals can be fresh, fruity, floral, or earthy in fragrance, great for any occasion and mood. Read on to learn 'Why Burn Botanicals as Incense?'.


 1. What are Botanicals?

2. Why Burn Botanicals as Incense?

3. How to Burn Botanicals 

5. Our Top 5 Botanicals for Incense

  1. 1. Damask Rose Petals
  2. 2. Lavender Petals
  3. 3. Jasmine Petals 
  4. 4. Cinnamon Bark
  5. 5. Orange Blossom

6. The Bottom Line


What are Botanicals?

 Botanicals are simply dried or fresh plant matter used for flavouring, aesthetics, holistic medicine, and incense. The definition is - 'a substance obtained from a plant'.

Botanicals are natural, meaning there are usually no added chemicals or fragrances added. Thus making them a highly sought-after natural solution and substitute.

Botanicals are usually: stems, petals, bark, leaves, seeds, flowers, fruits, and roots.

Why Burn Botanicals as Incense?

Botanicals are a great pairing with essential oils and resins - they add depth and unique fragrance to your incense combination. Not only that, they can also add to the aesthetic of your incense in your oil warmer.

Botanicals can increase the healing powers of your incense. Because they are plant matter, they usually come with many natural cleansing and beneficial qualities.

How To Burn Botanicals

Botanicals are best burnt on a ceramic oil warmer alongside resins, essential oils, and water (or carrier oil), water, or just a carrier oil. This is so the botanicals don't burn or catch light. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also leave a strong, unpleasant smoky aroma and cause damage to your oil warmer.

Another option is on a charcoal disc

Our recommended method

Step by Step

1: Place an unlit tea light candle into your ceramic oil warmer.

2: Then, carefully fill the top bowl-like surface of your oil warmer with 2/3rds of water.

3: Add a pinch of your botanicals to the water (and maybe a few drops of your favourite essential oil).

4: Light the tea light candle with a long match stick and enjoy!!

5: Never leave incense burning unattended and only discard once your warmer is cool.


Our Top 5 Botanicals For Incense

1. Damask Rose Petals

Damask Rose petals, best paired with essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Chamomile, can be the sweet and floral twist your incense is looking for. They have natural calming, uplifting, and regenerating qualities. 

2. Lavender Petals

Lavender Petals are unique and herbaceous-scented, perfect for grounding and relaxing energy. They are best paired with sweet citrus scents, such as Sweet Orange and Bergamot, and woodsy scents, such as Sandalwood and Cedarwood. Pine is another great pairing for Lavender as they are both natural antioxidants.

3. Jasmine Petals

Much like Damask Rose, Jasmine petals are sweet and floral. Thus making them perfect for balancing earthy, woodsy, and citrusy scents. Jasmine is naturally stress-relieving and great for bringing about positivity.

4. Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon bark is spicy, sweet, and somewhat woodsy, the perfect botanical for grounding energy and enriching scent. Paired with sweet essential oils such as Geranium and Orange, Cinnamon bark can enhance and brighten the energy. Cinnamon is energising, so it is perfect for summery blends.

5. Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom is another sweet-scented botanical, perfect for both summery and wintery blends. It is great paired with most scents, whether woody, earthy, sweet, floral, spiced, or herbaceous. It has many wonderful uplifting properties making it one of our favourite mood-boosting botanicals.

The Bottom Line

So, 'why burn botanicals as incense?'

Because they are enriched with fragrance, healing qualities, and uplifting energy. Botanicals really are the perfect addition to your incense.

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