Lemongrass Incense Benefits: A Quick Guide

Lemongrass is one of the freshest scents out there. Citrusy and zesty, it’s not just the perfect tool for giving your home a clean scent, it’s got a heap of other benefits too. Read on for our experts’ breakdown of lemongrass incense benefits. There may be some that surprise you

What is Lemongrass Incense?

Lemongrass is a tropical plant native to Asia, Australia, and Africa. A member of the grass family, lemongrass is mostly an essential oil used in aromatherapy and an aromatic used in South East Asian cuisine. It’s a key ingredient in one of our favorite dishes – Thai Green Curry. And now we’re hungry.

To make lemongrass into an incense stick, the lemongrass essential oil combines with combustible wood powders and is hand-rolled around a bamboo stick base. The process for making lemongrass incense cones is similar, except there is no bamboo base and the oil/wood powder mix forms a cone shape.

burning lemongrass is also possible in its natural, loose form. The soft center of this fragrant herb is the perfect addition to a loose incense blend, especially one for energizing.

What does Lemongrass Incense Smell Like?

As the name suggests, lemongrass has a distinctly citrusy scent, with notes of sweetness. It is more delicate than other citrus-based incense so it provides all the freshness with less bitterness.

The subtle freshness of lemongrass incense makes it the perfect fragrance to burn during a spring clean because it will give your home that ‘just cleaned’ feeling.

Our Favorite Lemongrass Incense Benefits

There is limited scientific research into the benefits of lemongrass. However, like many other aromatic herbs, it has been a common feature in folk medicine and spiritual ceremonies over the years. So there is definitely anecdotal backing for this zesty fragrance.

Naturally Energizing

The freshness of lemongrass incense smoke creates amazing, positive energy which fosters an atmosphere of ambition and productivity. This makes it a great scent to burn in the office or during your studies.

The fresh, citrusy zing also improves provides the perfect mood boost if you are feeling a little down in the dumps.

Relieves Anxiety

In Brazilian folk medicine, people who were experiencing stress and anxiety would drink a tea made from lemongrass. This is because it has calming properties and can also aid sleep and reduce the likelihood of seizures.

Aids Spiritual Connection

Lemongrass incense has deep spiritual meaning in certain parts of Asia. For thousands of years, communities have burned incense as a means of connecting our world with the divine.

The smoke of burning lemongrass incense carried the messages of prayer up to the heavens and gained favor with the spirit world.

Natural Insect Repellant

Lemongrass produces citronella oil, which is a powerful and popular natural insect repellant. So you can probably guess that this incense will stop those pesky bugs in their tracks. They hate it. So next time you find yourself being attacked by annoying insects, burn some lemongrass incense and enjoy the warm summer air in peace and tranquility.

The Bottom Line

Lemongrass is not as well researched as some of the other incense varieties. But people have used it for thousands of years for healing, natural bug repellant, and meditation, so we really think it deserves looking into a little more. Our ancestors knew there was something to this fragrant herb, and we do too.

People Also Ask

What is lemongrass incense good for?

Lemongrass incense is the perfect fragrance for giving your home a fresh, clean aroma. However, it is also ideal to burn during moments of prayer and meditation, or aromatherapy sessions.

What does lemongrass incense do?

Lemongrass incense fills the air with citrus-scented smoke which creates an uplifting and energized atmosphere. This makes it ideal for use at the office – if your boss allows it of course!

Lemongrass incense meaning: what is it?

The meaning of lemongrass incense could be many things to many different people. To some, it’s relaxation and sleep. To others, it’s stimulation and productivity.

Lemongrass spiritual incense meaning: what is it?

Again, the meaning of lemongrass incense in a spiritual sense varies from person to person depending on their experiences. It could be connecting with loved ones who have passed on, or it could be the connection to the higher realms.

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