4 Amber Incense Benefits You Will Love

Out of all the incense scents, Amber has the most variety, and that's because everybody makes it with different ingredients. So how can we pin down its benefits? Well, there is a common theme with all Amber incense... So read on as we discuss '4 Amber Incense Benefits You Will Love'

What is Amber Incense?

Amber is a fossilised tree resin commonly used as a healing crystal and ingredient in folk medicine. It comes from a now-extinct pine tree that populated the Earth 5 to 60 million years ago, and many ancient cultures cultivated Amber for natural balancing and cleansing powers.

However, it may surprise you to learn that most Amber incense does not come from Amber itself, instead, Amber incense resin (the most common incense product on the market) is usually made using either labdanum, benzoin, or copal. And other fragrant ingredients, like spices and herbs, blend in to create a unique aroma.
Usually, the term 'Amber' in many cosmetics and fragrances simply denotes the product's rich, golden, warming properties.
Amber incense can ignite the senses like no other incense. It is a traditional incense that is very popular in religious and sacred settings, especially on the Indian subcontinent.

What Does Amber Incense Smell Like?

Each manufacturer of Amber incense has a different recipe, so each one will have a unique aroma. However, the common theme among all Amber incense is that they have a sweet, warm, inviting smell, often with spicy notes.
This is because the fiery appearance of natural Amber invokes feelings of deep warmth and passion. The manufacturer's goal is to conjure the same feelings of warmth through the scent of their Amber incense.

4 Of Our Favourite Amber Incense Benefits

Promotes Spirituality

The primary use of Amber incense is for purifying religious and spiritual spaces. Used in many religions, especially in India and Asia, it is a popular aspect of Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian practices.
However, it is also widely used as a means of connecting and communicating with the divine. The scent of Amber incense opens up a pathway in our mind that connects us with the spiritual world.

 Opens The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is our third aligning energy centre, located between the navel and the bottom of the rib cage. It dictates our confidence levels and sense of purpose, and when balanced we obtain wild focus and determination. A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra is usually characterised by feelings of low self-esteem or even controlling behaviour.
It is important to love and care for one's self, so if any of these feelings resonate with you, try burning Amber incense during a deep meditation or yoga session to unblock your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Induces Peace and Tranquility

Amber was a common resin in ancient Chinese folk medicine, commonly used to calm anxiety and relax an overactive mind, and research has shown that there is some truth to this notion.
Burning Amber incense can relinquish stress caused by our busy lives, thus allowing us to embrace our inner serenity and peace. Alternatively, connecting with Amber crystals can help to settle anxious feelings and bring us connected to our tranquil energy.

 Creates a Warm Environment

Amber is our favourite incense for creating a homely and inviting atmosphere, which is why it is regularly used in our home.
We especially recommend burning Amber incense on a cold winter's evening as its warming essence creates a warm, cosy den of happiness, perfect for weathering those cold winter storms.

Uses of Amber Incense

Amber is the ultimate tool for making your house a warm den of cosiness on a dark winter's evening... And great with hot chocolate and a roaring fireplace!

Finding Calm

The warming effects of Amber resin are deeply energy cleansing and muscle easing, and also excellent for improving emotional well-being. Amber incense can help you to find tranquillity in times of stress, so why not try burning it when working, studying, organising, or after a long and busy day?


Amber incense is a perfect fragrance for yoga practice, it can keep positive energy circulating whilst promoting focus and muscle ease. It is always a good idea to burn incense with the windows open when practising yoga, this ensures adequate airflow.


The calming and spiritual benefits of Amber incense create the ultimate fragrance for deep meditation and manifestation. Not only can it relax the body and soul (thus allowing you to reach a meditational state quicker), Amber can help to open your mind to new possibilities and other realms.


Amber incense smoke has been widely used for thousands of yearsby many different religions and faiths, sometimes as a messenger to the Gods. So if you are seeking to reconnect with the divine, Amber is an amazing choice.

How to Use Amber Incense

How you use Amber incense should be dictated by the outcome you seek. For example, if you want to burn Amber incense for relaxation, use our guide on how to burn incense for relaxation.
However, here we are going to break down how to use Amber incense for clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra.

How to Burn Amber Incense to Unblock The Solar Plexus Chakra

Step 1: Find a peaceful space
Take into mind what makes you feel cosy and safe. Personally, I enjoy warm lighting, the sound of birds from my window, and a cool breeze. I also like to open the windows before burning any incense. Also, ensure there are no children or pets in the room as they are more sensitive to the smoke.
Step 2: Light your Incense
Carefully light your incense, which should be placed in a heatproof holder. 
Step 3: Take deep Breaths
Focus on your breathing until your mind has slowed and you are in a state of relaxation.
Step 4: Repeat Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations
A great example is: "I am a force of energy and power".
Step 5: Extinguish Your Incense
Ensure your incense choice has cooled before disposing of it.

The Bottom Line

Amber is one of our absolute favourite fragrances to burn throughout the winter months. And while winter sometimes feels a little miserable with the long nights and cold days, there will be no winter blues with Amber incense around. It creates the calmest, most inspiring environment from which you can watch the winter drift by in your cosy dean of peace.

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