Best Incense For Protection: Because Incense Is The Best Defence


Need to defend your precious energy, or cleanse an area of a negative presence? Read on for our expert analysis on the 'Best Incense For Protection: Because Incense Is The Best Defence'.
Not today, negativity! 
  1. Our Pick: Dragon's Blood
  2. Incense for Protection
  3. Types of Incense to Burn for Protection
    1. Natural Incense
    2. Incense Sticks
    3. Incense Cones
  4. How to Burn Incense For Protection
  5. 4 More of the Best Incense for Protection
    1. Frankincense
    2. Myrrh
    3. Sandalwood
    4. Egyptian Musk
  6. The Bottom Line
  7. People Also Ask

Our Pick: Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood has a lot to offer - it is a stunning, deep red-coloured resin, known to have 'magical', healing abilities. And while this (and its name) may conjure images of mythical beasts and sorcery, it is far from a monstrous thing.
Dragon's Blood has a warming, sweet, and earthy essence, with many agreeing it to be the most strikingly scented aromatic resin.
Many ancient spiritual beings used and applied Dragon's Blood, in resin or ash, to symbolise sacrifice, honour, protection, and devotion. Nowadays, Dragon's Blood is prominently used by religious and spiritual beings as a means of shielding energy from negativity and misfortune.
Dragon's Blood also has plenty of other powerful healing properties, especially when it comes to health. It has been proven to protect against inflammation, bacteria, diarrhoea, and even (however more research is needed) cancer.

Incense for Protection

"Protect your Energy...Protect your soul".
One of the earliest uses for incense was in fact for protection. This included protection from evil spirits, negative people and energies, harm, death, poverty, and even the wrath of the Gods.
This said many Ancient Egyptians burnt incense during their mummification rituals - it protected the soul from harm when it passed through to the afterlife. Later in history, many ancient religious people burnt incense to consecrate sacred spaces, such as temples, churches, and hospitals.
Another example of incense used for protection is that the Native Americans burnt white sage bundles ('smudge sticks') as part of their ceremonies. These smudge sticks fended off negative energy. However, more on that later.
Nowadays, incense is still used in religious and spiritual settings to enhance the shielding energy present within the atmosphere. As well as this, many people burn incense whilst meditating - it allows them to feel safe, confident and relaxed when connecting with higher realms.

Types of Incense to Burn for Protection

Natural Incense

Growing up in a spiritually inclined house, my mother burnt bundles of herbs to keep negativity away (however, more importantly, the insects). Because of this, I grew up smelling the fresh, beautiful scents produced from burning aromatic plant extracts.

This also allowed me to experience what incense originally was like in ancient times, as opposed to how it is now. Unfortunately, nowadays incense has extra additives, and is usually accompanied by a harsh, pungent aroma.

Natural incense is a combination of the most natural plant extracts, including aromatic resins, botanicals, and essential oils.

To read more on natural incense, CLICK HERE.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are the most popular type of incense available today and are made from a combination of fragrant powders, wood powders, and a thin wooden stick as the base.
Though Incense sticks have some spiritual benefits, they can also be a lot harsher in fragrance, rather than natural incense.
It is important to ensure they are burnt in a spacious and well-ventilated room. We recommend burning your incense sticks at most once a week.

Incense Cones

Incense cones are similar to incense sticks, except they do not have a wooden stick core. Instead, the fragrant and wood powders are hand-rolled into a cone shape, tending to burn a little quicker than incense sticks - usually between 20 and 50 minutes.
Though cones are fantastic energy cleansers, they shouldn't be burnt on the regular. This is because the smoke is powerful and too much can be damaging to the body. We recommend burning once a week or less.

How to Burn Incense For Protection

There are many different ways to burn incense to create a secure, safe environment, however, this is our recommendation. 

Firstly, you will need...

  • 1 oil warmer with a tea light candle in the base.
  • A long match or lighter.
  • Resin, botanicals or/and essential oil.
  • A jug of water.
  • A small sheet of tinfoil (that will fit perfectly in the top bowl-like surface of your warmer).
    1. Set up your space

      Make sure to make your space as comfortable as possible - this will maintain the overall protective energy flow, whilst keeping you feeling cosy and safe. Make sure there is nothing flammable on or around your oil warmer.

    2. Prepare the incense in an oil warmer

      Place your chosen amount of resin, essential oil, and/or botanicals into a ceramic, heatproof oil warmer. Then fill the rest with water (or till it fills 3/4s of the bowl). Also, you can place a tight-fitted sheet of tinfoil over your oil warmer before adding your incense, this can prevent the resin from sticking, therefore preventing your warmer from any damage.

    3. Burn your incense

      Light the tea light candle at the bottom of your oil warmer and watch as the scented smoke rises. Keep an appropriate distance from the incense smoke once burning.

    4. Meditate

      Meditating may suit you, or perhaps chanting 'positive protection affirmation'. Whatever you do, take time to breathe in the healing scent of your protection-enhancing incense.

    5. Dispose

      Once the incense has burned for 10-20 minutes and the oil warmer has cooled, safely dispose of the remaining incense. For more visit

4 More of the Best Incense for Protection


Frankincense is another ancient and beloved resin, used within many cultures, religions, and spiritual tribes.
It shields energy, protects the body, and deters negativity. Some people even believe Frankincense to be the ultimate spiritual scent and one of the most versatile aromatic resins.
Frankincense first came to prominence when it made an appearance in the bible, along with Myrrh and Gold, as a gift to the baby Jesus. Also proving Frankincense to be a symbol of prosperity, protection, and respect.
Frankincense has an earthy, grounding aroma, with the smoke often being used to create a sacred space, a space that'll have the protection of good spirits and the Gods.


Myrrh has been around for over 5000 years - Ancient civilisations thought it to be a sacred, healing substance. However, it was first used by the people of the Middle East and North Africa, where they discovered the potent protective powers that Myrrh resin possesses.
Like Frankincense, Myrrh has a lot of health benefits, including healing skin abnormalities, wounds, gut disease, and oral decay. This said Myrrh's cleansing, illness-protecting properties would have been even more crucial in the times before modern medicine.
Myrrh incense balances an unruly Sacral Chakra. Thus providing strong spiritual protection and creativity. Also, the smoke produced from burning Myrrh resin provides a defence against dark energies and spirits. This is perfect for creating a safe space, especially during moments of prayer or meditation.


Sandalwood is a sacred aromatic wood, sourced from a specific and curious type of tropical shrub. This breed is especially difficult to cultivate because it requires a lot of care, thus making Sandalwood incense extremely rare and sought after.
Sandalwood incense smoke creates a calming and positive fragrance, dispelling negativity, and protecting the heart when in times of uncertainty, worry, and sadness.
Sandalwood is also popular amongst spiritual communities, mainly for its Chakra strengthening powers. However, it also can act as a messenger between our physical world and other spiritual realms.

Egyptian Musk

Egyptian musk is a lesser-known type of incense that usually comes in the form of sticks and cones and has a fragrant, musky aroma.
In the times of the ancient Egyptians, the musk was taken from the scent glands of the Musk Deer. However, thankfully modern Egyptian Musk is usually a combination of other aromatic oils. These include Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Ambrette Seeds (a plant-based musk substitute).
Egyptian musk provides a protective shroud around the person burning it, thus making it popular within spiritual communities. However, for the ancient Egyptians, Egyptian Musk was related to the underworld, acting as a guide for the deceased, setting them sail towards the afterlife.

The Bottom Line

Protection comes in many forms, however, incense may be the strongest form of all, protecting you from disease, dark energy, negativity, and heartbreak. So if you are feeling a little uneasy, or you want the make sure your home is as comfortable as possible, reach for one of these magical protection incense.

People Also Ask

What is protection incense?

Protection incense is most commonly used to ward off negativity or evil spirits. However, it also forms a barrier from negativity around a person or space.
It is often burned in temples or homes to create a sacred space and to offer protection from harm. The smoke from protection incense is believed to purify the air and drive away negative energy.

What protection incense is best for banishing negativity?

To banish negativity, try burning white sage or palo santo incense. These two herbs are known for their ability to cleanse and purify energy, and they can be very effective at getting rid of negative vibes.

What incense is best for cleansing and protection?

Any kind of cleansing incense will do the trick. Some of our favourites for cleansing include herbs like lavender, cedarwood, and juniper.

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