Jasmine Incense Benefits: The Ultimate tool To Tackle 2023

Jasmine is so much more than just a delicate, pretty flower, it has a whole raft of powerful benefits backed by science and powerful spiritual practitioners. Join us as we give you the low-down on the very best of Jasmine incense benefits!
Throughout history, many ancient cultures and civilizations across the globe used Jasmine essential oil, petals, perfume, incense, and tea to embrace the wildly cleansing properties the flower withholds. Nowadays, Jasmine is essentially used within religious and spiritual circles and is progressively becoming a popular scent for homes, spas, yoga studios, and shops. 
Jasmine Incense has a whole host of benefits, from mental health to spirituality, perhaps this is why Jasmine is one of the most sacred incense scents!

What is Jasmine Incense?

Incense refers to any type of aromatic material, usually plant-life, burnt to create a pleasant fragrance, improve spiritual connection, provide natural healing, and even reduce anxiety.
Incense was a prominent feature in many religious ceremonies and rituals, dating back to at least 7000 years ago. And if there is one thing we're sure of, it's that our ancestors had great insight into the spiritual world, now influencing lives today!

Jasmine incense comes in many forms including sticks, cones, and coils, however, our favourite is natural incense... A combination of Jasmine petals, stems, leaves, and its natural essential oil. To learn more about natural incense, CLICK HERE.
Jasmine incense is extremely powerful, used by many spiritual-like people to connect them to higher realms. However, there is so much more to this magical fragrance, and we can't wait to tell you! 

What Does Jasmine Incense Smell Like?

Surprisingly, Jasmine is a member of the olive family, however, its fragrance is nowhere near the garlicky, tangy olives that spring to mind!
Jasmine plants are usually grown in warm, tropical environments, however, there are hundreds of different varieties all growing in different climates. The most commonly used Jasmine incense species are those from the Himalayas and Japan.
The fragrance produced by the most popular Jasmine plant (and incense) is best described as floral and light, with wild sweet notes, conjuring memories of summertime spent outdoors in grassy meadows and woodland. I find it to be both delicate and earthy at the same time, similar to lavender.
Himalayan Jasmine produces an intensely sweet aroma, while the Japanese variety is more light and delicate.

Our Top 7 Jasmine Incense Benefits

Jasmine has many, many benefits, however, we're going to exercise some self-control and keep the list brief. Here are our top 7 favourite Jasmine incense benefits...

1. A Potent Stress Reliever.

Jasmine incense may help relieve some stress-like symptoms that co-side with modern living and mental health issues. As a non-pharmaceutical intervention, Jasmine essential oil has a great track record, clinically proven to uplift moods and reduce depression.
Many spiritual practitioners burn Jasmine to help encourage a relaxing and somewhat detoxing environment, perfect for meditation, yoga, reiki, sound baths, and spa treatment.

2. Encourages Restful Sleep

The tranquil properties that Jasmine flowers possess make it an effective sedative, much like Lavender and Chamomile. Therefore, burning Jasmine before going to sleep can: help to cleanse your room from negativity, relax the energy in the atmosphere, give you good, healthy dreaming, and leave you feeling cosy and tired.
We recommend burning your incense around an hour before you want to go to sleep. And be sure to extinguish it before getting into bed.

3. Natural Antiseptic

Jasmine oil is proven to be naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, popularly used by ancient civilizations for medicinal purposes, and nowadays a common ingredient in creams, supplements, herbal teas, cleaning products, and aromatherapy.
In ancient China, they would rid the air of any pollutants or diseases by burning Jasmine incense, other ancient civilizations would wear Jasmine oil on their skin to keep them safe and clean.

4. Aligns The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra, or 'Anahata' in Sanskrit, is responsible for love, emotion, sensuality, and compassion, and when out of balance you may feel a strain on your surrounding relationships and sexual libido.
If your Heart Chakra is feeling somewhat unaligned, try burning love-enhancing scents such as Jasmine or Rose. Jasmine's powerful, sweet, and floral aroma is known to break through those walls of commitment fear, fear of love, self-insecurity, and lack of sympathy.

5. Improves Libido

As stated above, Jasmine is well-known for its libido-inducing powers, bringing passion and romance back into the bedroom!
Jasmine for increasing libido can come in many forms, such as massage oil, incense, or even as a food additive, all helping you to embrace feelings of lust and true confidence.
Not only is it a great aphrodisiac but it is also great for easing menstrual cramping... Blood pressure is lower when the aroma of Jasmine meets the brain and central nervous system, and this helps to ease muscle tension which ultimately reduces the cramping sensation.

6. Promotes Spiritual Connections

Jasmine incense has been cultivated for many centuries, loved as a powerful spiritual-enhancing and healing fragrance. Jasmine incense was, and still is, used by many of the world's most followed religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. In areas of India, bunches of Jasmine flowers are offered outside of temples, this is seen as respect to the Gods and the dead.
The smoke created by the burning Jasmine incense is a messenger between our world and the divine. It carries the sentiments of prayer up to the higher realms, connecting us with spirits and powerful energy.

7. Natural Insect Repellant

Much like Citronella, Lemongrass, and Lavender, Jasmine is very effective at repelling those unwanted pests, ideal for those humid summer nights.
Mosquitos and flies hate the scent of burning Jasmine incense, so much so that ancient societies in the tropics burned it to eliminate the chance of disease outbreaks. These include Dengue Fever and Malaria.

How to Use Jasmine Incense

Here, we give you our preferred method for burning natural Jasmine incense, to attract love, sensuality, relaxation, and powerful spiritual energy.

But before you begin:

Remove pets & children from the room: Pets and children can be sensitive to incense fumes, so, we always like to take a 'better safe than sorry' approach. So we have our babies (fur and human) leave the room before we light incense.
Chose a spacious environment: It doesn't have to be the size of a football pitch, however, make sure the room you burn your incense in is somewhat spacious with good ventilation.  
Remove flammable items: It is important to remove anything that could catch a flame. Check what you are wearing: long sleeves and hand jewellery should be removed.
Natural incense: Sticks, cones, and coils contain toxic chemicals, so we always opt for incense that contains ingredients readily found in nature. Natural incense is a combination of botanicals, essential oils, and resin, all naturally sourced ingredients.
NOTE: You should not use incense if you have a preexisting respiratory condition. Please review the safety advice on the product you have purchased.

How to Use Jasmine Incense to Attract Love

Now that we have the safety section covered, let's get into the fun bit... Here's how to burn Jasmine incense to attract love.

  1. Find a comfortable space

    Ideally somewhere with ambient temperature and warm lighting. We find the beautiful orange glow emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp to be a sensual, soothing ambience. However, what we find comfortable may be different to what you do!

  2. Light your incense

    Make sure your incense is safely placed onto a heatproof surface. For more information on how to burn natural incense, CLICK HERE.

  3. Enter a state of relaxation

    Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Focus on the life-giving air entering and exiting your lungs.

  4. Repeat affirmations to attract love... For example: "I am worthy of infinite love" and "I naturally attract passion and beauty into my life".

People Also Ask

Does Jasmine Incense Have Side Effects?

The short answer is yes, however, rarely. See below for a detailed overview of the known side effects of Jasmine Incense.


Pregnant women should limit the use of incense (especially incense sticks, cones, and coils) or, if possible, stop completely. This is because Jasmine has been known to induce premature contractions in some pregnant women.
It is also unsafe to be frequently around burning wood when pregnant. This is because it can have negative effects on the baby. Women exposed to persistent burning wood fumes are more likely to have a premature birth.


Jasmine contains caffeine. People who are particularly sensitive to caffeine should not use Jasmine incense. But don't worry, many more scents can give you an improved focus without caffeine.
Instead, try lighting Ginger incense for a fresh, citrusy boost. Vanilla is also great for enhancing focus and creativity, and smells delicious!


We probably don't need to tell you that children and fire don't mix, but as well as that, children are more sensitive to burning scents than adults. As such, it is best to avoid burning Jasmine incense around children, especially babies and toddlers!

Is Jasmine Incense Harmful to Pets?

Animals can be very sensitive to smoke of all kinds. Cats in particular are more susceptible to asthma and other respiratory illnesses, however, dogs can also have a nasty reaction to incense. Other animals such as reptiles, small rodents, and birds should avoid incense smoke also.
Our policy is to ensure our pets are out of the room before using incense.

Why Does Jasmine Incense Help Me Sleep? 

Jasmine has been shown to promote sleep in multiple studies. So how does Jasmine incense help you sleep?
Well, it all has to do with the way our brains process smell. When we breathe in the fragrance of Jasmine, it triggers the release of certain chemicals in our brains that are associated with relaxation and stress relief. This can help to ease us into a more restful state, making it easier to fall asleep.

The Bottom Line

Life can be filled with nerves and anxiety, health issues, and insecurities. Thankfully, there is a huge range of Jasmine incense benefits that are perfect for taking the edge off. Great for the bedroom (sex and sleep!), for work, and for leisure time. There's not much this incense can't do!

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