Lilac Incense Benefits

known as the 'Queen of Shrubs', Lilac's striking blossoms and fragrant essence make them one of the most sort after garden, woody plants. However, over the years Lilac has gained popularity as an incense scent - all its wonderful, unique benefits make it one of our absolute favourites. Read on as we discuss 'Lilac Incense Benefits'.

What is Lilac Incense?


Lilac, also known as Syringa Vulgaris in Latin, is a common plant featured in gardens and landscaping across Europe - perhaps for its striking appearance or its potent fragrant petals.
The mauve, blue and purple undertones of this shrub's blossoms make for a soft yet warming shade of purple, becoming the colour we know as 'Lilac', a colour usually associated with springtime, feminine energy, and peace.
Though these woody plants are native to East Europe and areas of Asia, their growth and cultivation have expanded worldwide, becoming extremely sort after in most countries across the map. American presidents, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both took an intense liking to the Lilac plant.
The Lilac shrub belongs to the 'Oleaceae family, the same family as the Olive tree, and is known to reach heights of 30ft tall. It has been cultivated for thousands of years, seen as a portrayal of wisdom and spirituality by many ancient relics.
In the Greek mythology story of 'Pan', the God Pan fell in love with a wood nymph 'Syringa' (which in ancient Greek means 'pipe'). Pan lusted for Syringa and chased her through the woods where she then turned herself into a Lilac Shrub to hide from the obsessive God. However, he found the shrub and used it to create the first-ever panpipe, which refers back to her name, Syringa.

Lilac Incense

Throughout ancient civilisation, the petals of a Lilac plant were burnt as a gateway to higher realms, also seen to improve self-qualities such as purity, love, and wisdom. This was known as incense, a tool which has maintained its popularity throughout the years.
Lilac incense comes in different forms including Sticks, Cones, Coils, and our favourite being, Natural Incense.
Incense Sticks: Incense sticks are an easy, cheap solution to incense burning. They consist of a combination of fragrant aromatics and combustible wood powders that form a paste. This is then set around a small stick, usually made from bamboo. Incense sticks produce a robust and pleasant aroma, however, most sticks available today have added chemicals which can be harmful to the body. This also applies to cones and coils.
Natural Incense: We may be biased, but we believe natural incense to be the best, all-rounded incense. So what is it? Natural incense is a combination of natural and aromatic substances sourced from various plant materials. These include, Resin - found within the bark of certain tropical trees, Essential oil - extracted from flowers, herbs, leaves, bark, fruit, spices, nuts, and seeds, and Botanicals - simply dried aromatic plant life. Natural incense is the most ancient form of incense burning, whilst also being the most healing, fragrant, and energising.
Lilac natural incense consists of burning its essential oil and dried petals, leaves, and stems, however, we like to mix things up by combining different scents. Vanilla oil and Benzoin resin are great complimentary scents for Lilac. For more on natural incense and how to burn it, Click here.

What Does Lilac Incense Smell Like?

The essence of the Lilac shrub is usually found on a warm, spring or summer's day, leaving afresh and sweet aroma drifting through the air.
Its petals are extremely fragrant, making it a fantastic botanical for use in perfumery and aromatherapy.
The sweet, floral, and refreshing notes of Lilac are equally present in its incense. Lilac incense also has an earthly fragrance, making it a wonderful scent for Root Chakra cleansing.

Our Top 4 Favourite Lilac Incense Benefits

There are so many benefits to this perfect incense but here are our top 5...

1. Stress and Anxiety Reliever

When stress is present, try burning Lilac incense to relieve the symptoms co-siding. It is naturally serotonin-inducing, mood-boosting, and peace-giving, thus helping to ease tension, anxiety, sadness, and negativity.
Lilac incense can also increase brain function and balance disconnected hormones, thus making it easier to process information with a level of focus, calm, and positive mind.
When to burn Lilac incense for stress and anxiety relief:
  • During your studies, or in your exam period
  • When working or before work
  • When organising (whatever that may be)
  • During a spring clean
  • If it suits you, during worship or prayer
  • When meditating
  • If you are ill or injured
  • In moments when you need a mood-boost
As well as other stress-induced situations/activities.

2. Reduces Inflammation, Illness, & Heals

Burning natural Lilac incense has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce swelling in the body, repair cell damage, and help speed the process of injury recovery. In addition, natural Lilac incense improves the immune system - It is a natural antioxidant and provides healing vibrations.
Lilac essential oil, whether consumed, applied, or burned, can act as a barrier between you and infection - it naturally cleanses your airways and fights unwanted bacteria. It can also help you overcome fungal infections such as ringworm, fungal eye infections, and yeast infections.

3. Negativity Cleanser

Our strongest sense is our sense of smell, positively impacting our neurological system.
In times of stress, grief, worship, prayer, meditation, and Chakra cleansing, powerful scents can help to calm and focus the mind, relax the body, and strengthen the heart - The magical, healing essence of Lilac incense does exactly that. So what exactly about Lilac makes it so negativity cleansing?
Burning Lilac incense releases positive vibrations into a space - it's warming, floral aroma and body, mind, and soul healing properties are the perfect combinations for negativity cleansing.

4. Gets Rid of Those Nasty Pests

Finding a natural, chemical-free pesticide can be difficult, however, more and more people are searching for it. Luckily, certain incense scents can help to repel insects, our favourite being Lilac.
Insects such as mosquitos and mites are repelled by the burning scent of natural Lilac incense, and the effects of the incense can linger for hours.

5. Helps Sleep

Burning Lilac incense before falling asleep, or going to bed, can leave your bedroom feeling tranquil and you feeling relaxed, thus promoting comfort and healthy sleep.
The fresh scent combined with its soothing energy can help maintain a healthy sleep pattern and reduce nightmares.

The Final Word

After reading this article, we hope you love Lilac incense just as much as we do. It is the ultimate relaxer and positivity provider and leaves your home smelling lovely, sweet, fresh, and nature-esc.

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