Lotus Incense Benefits

Amongst boggy swamps and dirty water, you may find one of these unique, beautiful, blooming pearls - the Lotus flower. It is easy to become mesmerized by its bright and striking appearance. From reds to whites, pinks to yellows, especially in the darkest of waters, they make for roses amongst the thorns. Read on and learn more about lotus Incense and all its wonderful benefits.
 “As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.” ~ Buddha

This spiritual and sacred plant is a healer and purifier for the mind and spirit. With its fragrant scent and magical qualities, it was only right to make incense with the blossom. Creating one of today's go-to spiritual cleansers.

What is Lotus Incense?

Nelumbo Nucifera is the Latin name for the Lotus flower. These beautiful blossoms can be found in local swamps and murky waters
In ancient times, the Egyptians found the Lotus flower to be a sacred flower. Depicted in Ancient Egyptian art, the lotus was seen to ease suffering and produce sunlight. Ra, the God of Sun, would disappear amongst the closing lotus and reappear as it blooms in the morning.
The Lotus flower is a prominent feature in Ancient Grecian Folklore. You can find it in their mythological story or possibly recollection of the "Lotus-eaters".
The Pink Lotus is the national flower of India. As well as being a significant symbol in many religions and cultures, it brings an energy of purity into religious practices, meditations, and other holistic practices,
This guided a popular use for the blossom, Lotus flower incenses, and essential oils. Now used to spiritually heighten and cleanse in religious and holistic practices. Its fragrant, sweet smell also makes for a beautiful home fragrance. The flower can be dried to become a part of your loose incense blend. Otherwise, lotus incense comes in the form of incense sticks, cones, and coils.

What Does Lotus Incense Smell Like?

The Lotus flower itself has a strong aquatic smell. After cleaning and being made into incense, its wonderful floral and perfumed notes burst forth. Due to the minimal smoke Lotus incense produces, the floral scent dominates, making your home smell fresh and earthy - the perfect combination for a peaceful space.

Our Top 4 Favourite Benefits Of Lotus Incense

Heightens Spirituality

Finding spirituality in your life can be a difficult journey. Yet, it is incredibly important for those seeking ultimate happiness and abundance. There are many things in the world that support this spiritual journey, incense being one of the most popular.
Lotus Incense is especially revered for the spiritual benefits it imparts to those burning it.
We use lotus incense in holistic practices because it is protective and purifying. It deters negativity by creating positive energy waves with its smoke. Lotus incense has been a part of many traditions and religions - primarily in Asian countries - due to these powerful effects.
Having a strong connection to the Root Chakra, Lotus incense offers security and peace to an individual. Burning lotus incense also diffuses these qualities into a wider environment, making it a beautiful home cleanser and defender against negativity.

Promotes Relaxation

Lotus Incense is the ultimate stress reliever.
Due to its soft floral scent, it produces a wonderfully relaxed sensation in the air. This makes for a fantastic meditational scent. And amazing for stressful situations or complications such as:
  • Trouble Studying
  • Stressful work environment
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Moving house
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Difficulty Organising
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Grief
It is known for positive brain stimulation and hormone balancing, making stressful situations feel eased.
Lotus Incense has a strong connection to water and nature, and provides its soothing, flowing, and grounding energy. This makes your body become akin to the earth, creating a feeling of abundance and gratitude.

Romance Booster

As well as the Root Chakra, Lotus incense smoke allows for a deep connection with the heart chakra.
It does this through its hormones hormone benefits by bringing positivity and desire not only into yourself, but into the relationships and romances you have in your life.

Improves Brain Function and Creativity

Lotus Incense is widely recognized for its potent cognitive powers. One of the most impressive is its ability to promote brain stimulation through calming scents and energy vibrations. This encourages your mental performance to enhance and grow.
People also use this alluring incense to improve their creativity. Through burning incense sticks, many people find it easier to concentrate, succeed and deliver. Some of the best artists, yoga enthusiasts, religious leaders, and actors burn incense for these purposes.
Some people have found their talent develops significantly through burning lotus Incense.
Loose and natural lotus incense in particular can trigger positive stimuli in the brain, making it easier to process information and feel happy to the full extent. And who doesn't crave that?

The Final Word

To conclude, lotus incense is a beautifully spiritual and potent energy force. Burning this incense can bring clarity, creativity, abundance, and relaxation. The only consideration is to ensure your environment is comfortable and that you have a clear intention in mind for your desired outcome. It is best used in your home or meditation environment with the windows open wide to promote airflow. Lotus Incense is the perfect scent for energy alignment. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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