Orange Incense Benefits: Our Top 5

There are many different fragrances with unique smells and beautiful benefits. But Orange incense is one of our favourites. It is truly a special scent. Its fruity and vibrant aroma has the ability to brighten any room. It is soothing yet energising - a magical combination. Read on for our experts' take on orange incense and its benefits to you.

What is Incense?

Incense is an ancient ritual and purifying tool. It is the burning of a substance, usually plant matter, to create an appealing aroma. Resins, botanicals, essential oils and incense sticks/cones/coils are all examples of Incense.
Incense is and was popular all across the world - the ancient Egyptians and Grecians would burn incense to bring them good fortune and purity. Incense is dictated in many ancient and sacred rites. Nowadays it is commonly used in aromatherapy and home cleansing.
Incense is known to help connect people to their religion and spirituality. Many religious people burn incense when praying or cleansing their place of worship.
Other spiritual people burnt incense for similar reasons.
Witches believed incense to be a magical and healing instrument. They would use it to rid unwanted spirits and to cast spells. Sage is a witches favourite.
Incense is also commonly used in meditation. It has the ability to relax the mind and body. And protect your energy from negativity.

What is Orange Incense?

Orange has become a well sort incense ingredient. Its sweet, citrus and fresh scent makes for the perfect all around seasonal fragrance. It can be warming yet soothing, perfect for any occasion.
Orange incense can be found in the form of an essential oil. The orange is cold-pressed to extract the juices - these juices are usually diluted before burning on an oil warmer. Orange essential oil is also used in other ways. Usually in cosmetics and for culinary purposes.

Another example of orange incense is 'orange incense sticks'. Incense sticks involve the compression of fragranced substances to form an aromatic stick. They have beautiful and spiritual benefits. However, it is a less natural form of incense. Some incense sticks have added toxins, and if burnt too often can become harmful.
You can also burn dried/loose orange pieces as a form of incense. The best way to do this is on a charcoal disc.
Orange incense is soul healing. It is known to promote positivity and spirituality.
It is commonly burnt for enhancing meditation and manifestation practices. Some use orange incense in past life recall practices, as well as dream recall. It is known to be truth seeking and connect you to higher realms.

History of Orange Incense

Oranges themselves have been a popular fruit throughout the centuries. They originated in regions of Asia and China, where the colourful fruit became somewhat a treasure for the eye. Thousands of years later, the fruit made its way to the Mediterranean borders. The fruit and their trees are seen in many ancient dictations and art.
Apparently, oranges weren't as pleasant in taste back then as they are now. Oranges only obtained their lush and sweet taste later in the years. However, that didn't stop our ancient ancestors to burn orange.
Orange incense was believed to purify the air and rid unwanted spirits. People would burn orange in initiation rituals and religious ceremonies.
Many cultures burnt orange. However some evidence suggest the ancient Egyptians didn't know oranges existed. We are sure if they did know, they would have relished in their spiritual powers.

Our Top 5 Orange Incense Benefits

Stress Relieving

Orange incense can help with stressful situations such as: studying, working, organising and stress-induced conditions. It is soothing for the mind, body and soul.

Opens Heart Chakra

When you are feeling somewhat disconnected in areas of love and relationships, orange incense is the perfect tool to open your heart chakra and allow these things into your life. It promotes passion and desire. Who wouldn't want to burn it?

Spiritual Connecter

Orange incense has the ability to connect people with their spiritual self and other spiritual beings, allowing them to harness their personal power. Burning orange incense is known to produce potent soul healing and mind opening energy. Perfect for any spiritual practice.

Helps With Creativity

We all have creative blocks sometimes. And when we do, it can take forever to get our creativity back. However some incenses and fragrances can speed up the process. Orange is the perfect example. It releases mind altering chemicals which can increase and regulate creative thoughts and ideas. Also, its ability to ease tensions, may also help with negative energies blocking your path, allowing creativity to flow back in.

Helps Lucid Dreaming

When you want to connect to your dreams, orange incense may be the perfect solution. Orange incense can promote more exciting and frequent dreaming. Some people burn orange incense when doing dream recall - it opens the mind to your favourite past dreams, the ones you want to reminisce.

Our Favourite Scents to Blend With Orange Incense


Clove spice is the perfect partner for orange. It complements with oranges sweet and citrus scent, with its perfectly balanced spicey and woody tones.
Both scents are extremely warming - combined makes for a perfect, cosy winter blend.


Similarly to clove, cinnamon pairs perfectly with orange because of its spicy and peppery upper notes. However cinnamon has its own unique odour - quite difficult to describe.
Cinnamons spice contrasts nicely with orange. But cinnamon also has subtle notes of sweet and fruity to its aroma, which complement beautifully.
Cinnamon and orange is a warming and comforting blend, perfect for cosy nights in and cold days. Also this blends sweetness can be an amazing summers day relaxer.


If you love sweet and summery scents, orange and vanilla is a perfect blend for you.
They complement beautifully with each other. Oranges fresh and fruity aroma balances with vanillas sweet and creamy scent. Its is truly one of the yummiest blends!
This blend is perfect for relaxing the body and creating positive energy in your home.


Pine and orange?
You may not blink an eye at this combination, but we honestly believe this blend is a must try.
Pine has a beautifully fresh, woody and somewhat floral aroma. It is amazing for clearing your airways and relaxing tensions.
When paired with orange, oranges sweet and citrus emerges wonderfully with pines earthy scent. This pair is fresh and soothing.
We love burning this blend all seasons. It is a wonderfully festive scent, as well as cooling and relaxing for hot summer days.

How to Burn it

Visit our posts on burning these types of incense:

The Bottom Line

Orange incense is an excellent multi purpose incense. It can connect you closer to your religion or spirituality. And is the perfect all season, home fragrance.
It is a beautiful scent for meditation practices. Its mind and body relaxation energy is potent and healing. And can also help with anxiety, depression and chronic stress symptoms.
We love orange incense and we believe it is a must try!

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