Palo Santo Incense Benefits

Palo Santo is a sacred and exotic tree with hundreds of beautiful benefits. For those days where life gets on top of us, palo santo incense will leave you grounded and relaxed.
It is the perfect solution for stress, anxiety and spiritual growth. Read on and learn more on the mystical palo santo incense and all its wonderful benefits.

What Is Palo Santo Incense?

Native to South American countries including Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru (as well as some central American countries along the coast), palo santo trees are seen as giant, sacred healers. These tall trees can reach heights of 65 ft and belong to the family of Burseraceae trees. Frankincense and Myrrh also belong to the Burseraceae species of trees; they are renowned for their powerful energy. Palo santo means "holy wood' In Spanish, a strong indicator of how respected this tree is.
The wood, oil, and resin of palo santo have been cultivated for thousands of years. The Spanish Monks explored palo santo and described it to be an object of spiritual confining. The Amazonian people respect and protect this sacred tree.
In the Incan era in Peru, the priests would use Palo Santo wood for burnings in spiritual rituals and ceremonies, as well as using its resin and oil for spiritual cleansing. The ritual uses of Palo Santo have now been passed on to the Shamans in central and South America as well as becoming a popular cleanser and relaxer in therapy and yoga sessions.
Palo santo sometimes Incense comes from the resin and oil of the trees, exuding all the powerful and wonderful healing energies the tree possesses. However, palo santo incense also comes in the form of fragrant chips and sticks of pure palo santo wood.
For thousands of years, this incense has been used for cleansing, medical, rituals, religious and relaxation purposes. Palo santo is a popular choice as it has all these properties. It is known to heal negative thoughts within you and deter bad energy around you, the perfect cleanser. It can also act as a natural antioxidant and be used as a mindfulness enhancer.

What Does Palo Santo Incense Smell Like?

Palo santo incense is known for is the fresh, sweet yet earthy scent, a wonderfully unique combination. Palo santo has an incredibly relaxing odor, with fragrant, soothing elements. Sometimes you can smell the tree itself when you are close by.
Its incense has woody, cedar and pine like notes that bring a sense of grounding and stability. With subtle citrus hints that feel fresh yet exciting, amazing for heart healing.
Both palo santo incense and essential oil have become popular home purifying scents. It is also popular within the yoga, pilates, reiki and holistic therapy community for its powerful ability to relax the mind and body.

Our Top 5 Favourite Palo Santo Incense Benefits...

Palo santo incense has hundreds of wonderful benefits. But we believe that It is important to make sure you get the best quality and most natural incenses for the best results. Read on to learn our top 5 natural palo santo incense benefits and why it should be your go to home cleanser!

1. Energy Cleanser

For thousands of years, religions and spiritual practitioners have discovered healing energies that can purify the body, mind, and spirit, and environment. Palo santo incense has always been a go-to cleanser for its curative energy.
Years ago Spanish monks found powerful spiritual vibrations within the trees and its resin; they studied them and concluded a powerful ability to deter negativity and create calmness.
Burning the incense allows its magical qualities to circulate in your environment and pass through your body and mind.
It is commonly used in worship and holistic therapy because of its capability to create the perfect healing space.

2. Stress Relieving

Sometimes life can get on top of us, and our thoughts can feel hectic and constant. Palo santo incense is a fantastic solution for long-term and short-term stress relief.
Burning the resin of natural palo santo, either in loose form, stick, cone or coil can release serotonin-like chemicals that leave you feeling relaxed. It can empty your mind from negativity and constant thoughts allowing you to feel present and grounded.
Palo santo incense produces tranquil scent and energy making it popular for therapists to use in their sessions.
It is perfect for stress induced work, studying, organising or health anxieties.

3. Can Help With Mental Health

One major stress induced factor can be struggling mental health. From anxiety and depression, palo santo can ease the body and mind from their draining symptoms. For example, it is known to help a person:
  • Steady their breathing: research suggests Palo santo incense helps lung function. When struggling with a panic/anxiety attack, burning natural palo incense can help steady your breath and allow your lungs to open. The pleasant scent can also ease anxiety attacks and distract you from constant worry.
  • Focus and relax the mind: When struggling with mental health complications, you can find it hard to concentrate on a day to day basis. Whether your mind feels overrun with thoughts or even the opposite, palo santo incense can clear and ease the mind, making it easier to concentrate.
  • Feel more positive: Even though it is easier said than done, in some cases, studies have shown that palo santo incense can reduce negative thoughts and feelings. Because of its relaxer qualities, it can ease mental and physical pains.
It is always important to consult with your doctor first. But if you are looking for a more natural, holistic way to heal mental strains, trying different incenses could be a possible solution. Don't be afraid to try new ways.

4. Help Sleep

Palo Santo is the ultimate relaxer. Burning it into your sleep environment at least 10 minutes before bed and allowing the ash to stop burning before going to sleep, can obstruct all its calming properties into the room.
It can relax your mind and body making it easier to find comfort.
Research suggests it is a brilliant solution to sleeping disorders. Just make sure to use on occasions and not every night, as its healing powers can be over drawn this way and won't work as effectively.

5. Natural Insect Repellent

Burning palo santo incense is a natural solution to repel insects without harming them. The strong fragrance odour of incenses may be pleasant to us, but not so much to pests and insects such as mosquitos, flies and ants.
Another solution is palo santo essential oil which is full of insect repelling limonene, a chemical found in some plants and fruit skins.

Other Benefits

Pain Relieving: Some studies suggest that palo santo is used as a natural pain relief. Its ability to ease can help with tensions and aches such as arthritis, muscle pain/ injury and headaches. Physio therapists and holistic healers like to burn it in their sessions to help promote tension release. Some studies have found that it can help with cold and flu symptoms such as a sore throat and naval, however more research is needed and contradictions have been made.
Promotes Creativity: When on a creative decline, palo santo incense can help retract mental blocks. It can allow you to feel more focused. By easing unwanted thoughts in the mind, palo santo incense allows for more creative inputs. It is fantastic for artistic folk, such as artists, writers and general creative minds. And can help to feel like they are putting their best foot forward.
Can Open Throat Chakra: When your throat chakra is closed, you may feel a lack of expression, creativity and spirituality. Palo santo incense can help open the throat chakra and possibly heal anything on and around the throat area. You may feel more vocal and intuitive. You may also find it easier to communicate and express yourself to others.
Can Open Heart Chakra: A closed heart chakra simply means a closed heart. You may be finding it hard to receive or give a sense of love or compassion. Palo santo can reach the heart area and allow you to feel more confident in finding or giving out love and positivity.

To Conclude

Palo santo incense is a potent healer. It is a must-have home scent and cleanser. All its incense wonderful benefits add to the well-established charm of palo santo. It is a scared and beloved tree, wood, resin, essential oil and incense. it is one of the favourites of the people and it's not hard to see why!

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