Rosemary Incense Benefits: Herbal Healing For Everyone

Known for its unique smell and taste, Rosemary is a diverse and treasured herb. Not only is it an amazing culinary ingredient, but is a fantastic addition to scented candles, incense, and cosmetics. And possibly our favourite use - it makes for a great gin garnish! Read on to learn more about Rosemary incense and all its magical benefits.

What Is Rosemary Incense?

Rosemary is an ambrosial herb, meaning it annually blossoms through the springtime. Its bunches of spiky and pointy small, evergreen leaves sit amongst delicate, purple flowers, which grow all over European hillsides. However, over the years Rosemary has become a popular garden herb for its vibrant colour and potent scent.
Rosemary was a popular ancient herb, used prominently in food, medicine, and perfumery. It has maintained its popularity, progressing into much more than just a worldwide flavorous delicacy, but a renowned soothing and spiritual scent.
Rosemary was significant amongst folklore as being a fairy's haven, protecting them and comforting them on dark and cold nights. Perhaps they found Rosemary's earthy odour as cosy and homely as we do?

So what is Rosemary Incense...

In ancient times, the loose leaves of the herb were burnt within cultures and religions, mostly to cleanse temples, fragrance the air, and connect to divine energy. It was also seen to be an amazing memory enhancer and illness prevention.
Nowadays, Rosemary incense comes in many forms from Sticks, Cones, Coils, and our favourite, Natural!
Incense Sticks: Incense sticks are an easy, cheap solution to incense burning. They consist of a combination of fragrant aromatics and combustible wood powders that form a paste. This is then set around a small stick, usually made from bamboo. Incense sticks produce a strong, pleasant aroma, however, most sticks available today have added chemicals which can be harmful to the body. This also applies to cones and coils.
Natural Incense: We may be biased, but we believe natural incense to be the best, all-rounded incense. So what is it? Natural incense is a combination of natural and aromatic substances sourced from various plant materials. It includes, Resins - found within the bark of certain tropical trees, Essential oil - extracted from flowers, herbs, leaves, bark, fruit, spices, nuts, and seeds, and Botanicals - simply dried aromatic plant life. Natural incense is the most ancient form of incense burning, whilst also being the most healing, fragrant, and energising.
Rosemary natural incense consists of burning its essential oil and its dried leaves, flowers, and stems, however, we like to mix things up by combining different scents. Myrrh resin and Vanilla oil are great complimentary scents for Rosemary. For more on natural incense and how to burn it, Click here.

What Does Rosemary Incense Smell Like?

The best way to describe the unique smell of Rosemary and Rosemary incense is somewhat herbaceous, earthly, and fragrant, with flowery, fresh notes. Some relate it to the aroma of pine, making it a fantastic cosy scent, brilliant for cold and snowy days.

Our Top 4 Favourite Rosemary Incense Benefits

1. A Natural Healer

Rosemary is a naturally medicinal herb, used commonly for reducing cold and flu symptoms and easing sore or injured muscles. It also acts as a fantastic painkiller due to its antiseptic and antioxidant attributes, this can also help with gut health, skin allergies, and bacterial infections. Burning Rosemary incense can help with inflammatory and immunity issues, especially burning Rosemary essential oil and botanicals. 
Other ways to heal with Rosemary are by putting it in your herbal teas and drinks, using it in body cosmetics such as massage and body oils, and including it in your meals and diet.

2. Boosts Mental Wellbeing

Because of Rosemary's naturally healing properties, it can help individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.
Rosemary incense does the same thing and here is how:
  • Burning Rosemary releases powerful mood-boosting serotonin into your body.
  • Rosemary incense is mind, aura, and body cleansing, helping you to reduce negative thoughts and allowing you to find breath, relaxation, and inner peace.
  • It is also a fantastic hormone balancer, perfect for stressful or pressurised situations, for example, whilst studying, working, organizing, preparing, or even just burning when feeling general stress and anxiousness.
  • Rosemary incense can also help with brain function, making it easier to process and maintain information. It can also help make an individual more aware of negative inputs/outputs, thus assisting a clear, stable, and functioning mind.
Life can get on top of us sometimes, so it is important to make sure your haven or home is as positive and relaxed as possible. Rosemary incense is a powerful energy cleanser plus heart, mind, and body healer.

3. A Natural Protector

Rosemary incense can help to protect our body, mind, and spirit by fending off negative vibrations and attracting love, prosperity, and peace. Many religious beings burn Rosemary incense to cleanse their space of worship and to be rid of any bad energies/spirits present.
It is said that Joseph sprinkled Rosemary on the straws amongst baby Jesus for protection and care. And Ancient Greeks would use rosemary to protect their energy and increase their memory.
'There's rosemary, that's for remembrance, pray you love, remember.' ~ Ophelia (Shakespeare).
'As for rosemary, I let it run all over my garden walls, not only because my bees love it but because it is the herb sacred to remembrance and to friendship, whence a sprig of it hath a dumb language. '~Thomas More

4. Helps You Embrace Gratitude and Kindness

From personal discovery, we found that Rosemary incense is a natural positivity booster, it also helped us when practising gratitude, kindness, and abundance, also known as mindfulness (the awareness of your surroundings and others' feelings).
It can be hard to look past negativity and stress, however, Rosemary Incense is a perfect tool for clearing the mind, opening the heart, and allowing a person to see life for its beauty and purpose.

The Bottom Line

Rosemary Incense has so many wonderful benefits, not only is it a fantastic healing and therapeutic solution, it can leave your home smelling fresh, new, and clean. It also has beautiful qualities assisting a happy, glowing mindset and soul.

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