Vanilla Incense Benefits: Mood-Boosts, Mindfulness and More

Vanilla incense is increasing in popularity due to its sweet and summery fragrance, perfect for riding bad odours and refreshing the air. However, Vanilla is more than just a delightful scent; it has numerous body, soul, and mind healing benefits. Keep reading as we discuss 'Vanilla Incense Benefits: Mood-Boosts, Mindfulness and More'.

What is Vanilla Incense?

Vanilla is a distinctive spice that comes from a type of orchid grown in tropical environments worldwide, primarily in regions of Madagascar and Mexico.
It is a rare spice and the second most expensive after Saffron, which makes it highly desirable.
Vanilla is utilized in cooking, baking, cosmetics, home fragrance, cleaning products, and perfume production, but it is becoming increasingly popular in aromatherapy.
Vanilla incense comes in different forms including sticks, cones, coils, and our favourite, natural (Vanilla essential oil and botanicals).
Burning vanilla incense creates a beautiful, sweet-smelling smoke, great for cleansing, meditation, and improving mood. But more on that below.

What does Vanilla Incense Smell Like?

Have you ever thought about the lovely smell of fresh Vanilla ice cream? It's truly irresistible, isn't it? That's why Vanilla makes the perfect incense to burn regularly at home. Not only home, but it also works well in aromatherapy settings, yoga studios, or even at work.
If you plan to use incense sticks or cones, it's important to note that the scent of the wood powders will also be present. We recommend opening a window or two to allow the smoke to mix with fresh air, which will reduce the strength of the smoke.
We suggest using natural Vanilla incense, which is a combination of Vanilla essential oil and botanicals. Its scent is much fresher and pleasant compared to the synthetic ones of sticks and cones.
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What Are The Benefits of Vanilla Incense?

1. Improves Creative Flow

Looking for a way to boost your creativity? Try lighting some Vanilla incense. Vanilla has been known to enhance imagination andproductivity for centuries, and its fragrance can help break through creative blockages.
Whether you're experiencing writer's block or simply want to take your creative work to a new level, Vanilla incense can be your go-to solution.
We always keep some on hand in our home office, and we recommend that you try it too.

2. Boosts Mood

Vanillas sweet and summery aroma can help to uplift moods and promotepositive energy. It is also effective in cleansing a space of negative energy.
Studies have shown that a high dosage of vanillin, a compound found in Vanilla, had anti-depressant effects in mice, and these effects were comparable with pharmaceutical medications.

3. Increases Mental and Spiritual Clarity

Burning Vanilla incense increases clarity, making it an excellent incense to use during work or moments of prayer and meditation.
Its clarifying properties allow the user to focus solely on the moment, which results in them experiencing deeper spirituality in times of use. This also makes it the perfect scent when practising mindfulness.

4. A Beautiful Fragrance

Everybody loves the smell of Vanilla, perhaps because its aroma reminds us of a holiday at the seaside or a time our kitchen smelled like freshly baked cupcakes. It brings us a feeling of joy and comfort, therefore, this makes vanilla incense one of our all time favourites.

The Bottom Line

Vanilla incense is a great scent to use for many reasons, for example, whether you are looking for deep and focused meditation, or you want to bring positivity and vibrant energy into your home, this incense can only help.

People Also Ask...

What does vanilla incense do?

Vanilla incense is one of the most versatile and popular scents used in aromatherapy. It relaxes the mind and body, improves mood, reduces stress, and promotes sleep. Because of these benefits, it is often used in candles, lotions, potpourri, and more.

What is vanilla incense used for?

Usually, vanilla incense is used for:
- Yoga
- Meditation and Prayer
- Relaxation and Sleep
- Work and studying
- Cleansing and fragrance

What is vanilla incense good for?

Vanilla incense is good for:
- Clearing creative blockages
- Creating a positive atmosphere
- Providing focus and clarity.
And so much more!

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