Incense For Creativity: 5 Of The Best

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, we usually experience a lack of focus, intuition, and self-confidence, however, the strongest symptom is a scarcity of creativity. Thankfully, in this article we discuss 'Incense For Creativity: 5 Of The Best', and how you can get your Sacral Chakra back in balance.


incense for creativity

 1. Incense For Creativity: 5 Of The Best

  1. Vanilla
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Myrrh
  4. Sandalwood
  5. Ginger

2. Other Incense Scents For Creativity

3. How to Use Incense for Creativity

4. Other Tips for Regaining Your Inspiration

5. The Bottom Line

Incense For Creativity: 5 Of The Best

1. Vanilla

Vanilla is our number one creativity-enhancing scent for many reasons.
Firstly, when burnt as incense, Vanilla has a sweet and subtle spicy aroma, naturally releasing soothing, yet energising properties. This is perfect for supplementing motivation and assisting full energy and attention in tasks such as yoga, pilates, reading, writing, studying, and painting.
Vanilla is also a powerful negative energy cleanser, thus allowing clarity and balance to flow back into your thoughts, as well as self-igniting, joy, healing, and overall positivity. This can help when self-doubt is affecting you and your creative mind.

2. Cinnamon

Coming in close second is Cinnamon, with its amazing natural creativity-boosting abilities, as well as its other qualities that aid with manifestation and meditation practices.
The comforting spicy-sweet scent of Cinnamon and its incense can decrease persistent self-doubt and return lost power to the Sacral Chakra. When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, you may find it harder to express your feelings and thoughts, thus affecting your creative inspiration, as well as motivation.
As well as improving creativity, Cinnamon has been used throughout history to attract money and passion.
For those days when you need a mood and confidence boost, burn Cinnamon incense and feel yourself blossom.

3. Myrrh

Myrrh is a powerful and ancient resin with some pretty incredible powers. Types of natural Myrrh incense include the form of its organic essential oil and resin, both equally as healing and great for allowing creative expression. Myrrh incense sticks are another option, however, (when burnt regularly) they can occasionally have the opposite effect on creativity, due to their very robust fragrance.
Myrrh has a light woodsy and somewhat balsamic essence, perfect for keeping you feeling calm, grounded, and focused. When burning Myrrh incense, its fresh and cooling notes appear, helping to purify the energy around you and allowing for a strong connection to your intuitive thoughts.
Myrrh also can spark spiritual enlightenment - it is perfect for strengthening the seven aligning Chakras, thus improving clarity, intuition, motivation, and grounding, also inspiring creative flow and innovation.

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an incredible all-rounded incense, but what people seem to no less of is its natural ability to inspire, energise, and cleanse.
It is an earthly, grounding scent, which is perfect for connecting you with your environment, spiritual mind, and imagination. This can assist the search for lost creative thoughts and motivation, brilliant for those activities where creativity is at the forefront.
Not only is Sandalwood a genius tool for flexing your creative muscles, but it can also help to uplift and soothe the ambience of your space.

5. Ginger

This sweet and spicy root increases tranquillity and comfort, and most of all, it naturally brightens thoughts and feelings.
Ginger is perfect for calming erratic energy, thus promoting clarity and peace. It can also encourage nagging negative thoughts to exit the mind, allowing positivity and encouragement to enter.
Ginger has the magical ability to heighten your creative imagination and allow new and exciting thoughts to shine through. This can help with all sorts of activities such as writing a novel, creating choreography, and even decorating your home.

Other Incense Scents For Creativity


This beloved herb has a wildly fresh, floral fragrance, and when burnt can leave you feeling relaxed and soothed. Lavender can also help when ideas and motivation are at a standstill. Its purifying abilities can break through those persistent creative blocks allowing you to feel inspired and eager once again.


Patchouli incense is a popular scent for healing the heart's energy and enriching the energy within the Root Chakra. It can restore feelings of abundance and gratitude and help you focus on the here and now. This can help when a lack of concentration is affecting your creative output.

How to Use Incense for Creativity

Follow this guide for our tried and tested method for burning incense safely and effectively.

The steps:

  1. Set Up: Ensure pets and children are out of the room and create a comfortable space for you. Consider factors: lighting, temperature, sounds, and smells.
  2. Light your incense: Whatever incense you decide to use, ignite it and engage in an activity you find stimulating. This could be yoga, pilates, meditation, painting, sketching, drawing, journaling, or any other pursuit you have a passion for.
  3. Enjoy: Embrace the healing and creativity-inducing effects of your chosen incense. Leave your incense to burn for approx 10-20 minutes, or if in stick form, till it has burnt out.
  4. Extinguish: Once done, leave your incense to cool for 30 minutes before touching it. Then extinguish.
    For more information on how to burn incense visit our blog page.

    Other Tips for Regaining Your Inspiration

    Sometimes it takes a little more effort to get the creative spark going again, so we have broken down our favourite ways to get the creative juices flowing.

    Enjoy The Outdoors

    Getting out into nature is an amazing source of inspiration. Even if you live in the city, you can usually find green spaces within a 30-minute walk. Being outside can connect you closer to your inner self, thus helping to ignite understanding and confidence in one's abilities. Also, the unique colours, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors will effortlessly stimulate your mind and naturally regain lost creativity.


    Journaling is a great way to assist creative flow. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can document some of your best and most important ideas. Not only this, journaling can help with other things, such as anxiety, depression, a lack of motivation, and inner healing.


    Even if you don't have Picasso's abilities, painting is a great way to spark your creativity. The colours and textures of paint can nurture your creativity and allow you to think outside the box.

    The Bottom Line

    Our smell is our strongest sense, also having a huge impact on our creative mind, mental well-being, and Chakra alignment. By stimulating our mind, body, and soul with healing fragrances, naturally, other aspects of our lives begin the mend and develop. We know our list of creativity-enhancing scents will increase motivation, inspire new colours and thoughts, and bring clarity, joy, and imagination back into your life.

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