Best Incense For Studying: A+ Scents to Boost Your Grades

Pen? Check. Books? Check. Incense? Wait, what?!
This may come as a surprise, but incense is the ultimate study-enhancing tool! Our incense and spirituality experts break down which fragrances are the best for studying, and why they will help you get ahead in your exams!

Our Pick: Sandalwood

Nowadays, Sandalwood is found in many scented products, including candles, air fresheners, essential oil blends, perfumes, cosmetics, and so much more. Perhaps because its woodsy, fresh aroma helps to promote grounding and serenity, or because Sandalwood has the magical ability to leave you feeling confident, focused, and motivated!

sandalwood branch

Sandalwood is the incense to burn when you are experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety. It has been proven to boost moods and energise, whilst also calming distracting thoughts, focusing the mind, and lowering blood pressure. Being why Sandalwood is in our number 1 spot.

Incense for Studying

Incense? For studying?!
Incense has a wide variety of benefits, the most popular being its detoxing, relaxing, and mental health-improving abilities, all wildly improving studying. So how else can Incense help studying? 
Well, incense can also improve:
Creativity/ Imagination
(All have a wild impact on studying)!

What is Incense?

Incense is a popular, ancient tool, involving the process of burning an aromatic substance to release a healing and pleasant fragrance.
Incense has a long history of use, however, the first record of incense dates back to around 6000 years ago, used by the earlier known human civilizations. It was mostly burnt during rituals, celebrations, healings, and ceremonies, seen as a gateway to the Gods and connector to the spiritual plane.
We now know a lot more about the impacts of burning incense and the wide array of benefits it has to offer. As our lives become more busy and demanding, we are now seeking natural tools to assist happiness, motivation, stress relief, focus, and much more, and incense may be the way forward!

How to use incense for studying

Time needed: 50 minutes.

How to get the best from your incense to make your studies a breeze.

    1. Remove distractions

      Put. The phone. Down! Turn off the TV and situate yourself in a calm environment with no clutter. This will promote concentration and reduce the opportunity for distraction to take away your focus.

    2. Sit comfortably

      Make sure you are in adequate seating and that you maintain a good posture. I like to have some plants around me to increase my oxygen supply. This means maximum mental clarity.

    3. Take a moment

      A short period of meditation before you get into studying is a great chance for you to set the intentions of your study and clear your mind.

    4. Light your incense

      Stick or Cone: Using a lighter or match, ignite the tip, allowing it to flame for ~10 seconds, then blow it out leaving a burning ember.
      Loose: Pick up your charcoal disc using tongs, light it, and place it on a heatproof holder. Then, gently drop a small amount of your loose incense blend of resin, herb and powder onto the disc, allowing it to burn a produce an aromatic smoke.

      Tip: We recommend opening windows. This serves two purposes:
      The fresh air will combine with the incense smoke, making it less harsh.
      The natural, clean and cooling air will help you to focus.

    5. Time to study

      It is important to avoid distractions while you study. This will allow you to have absolute concentration and perform the task to the highest possible standard.

    6. Extinguish and dispose

      Safely put out your incense and allow the ash to go cold. Once it is cold throw the ash away.

Our 8 (Next) Best Incense for Studying

1. Frankincense

frankincense branch

Frankincense is a fragrance as old as incense itself. 
This earthy resin is sourced from a variety of trees known as 'Burseraceae', and is frequently sought-after for its healing and purifying benefits.
Frankincense has many medicinal uses including: as a relief for menstrual pain, as support treatment for arthritis, and for healing skin wounds and imperfections. Its anti-inflammatory properties may offer some relief for tensions and aches that may come with studying.
However, another great quality of Frankincense is that it boosts concentration, perfect for when your mind is elsewhere, rather than the task at hand.

2. Lavender

lavender plant

Lavender is a member of the mint family, however, its scent is much different to the fresh, spicy mint we know and love. Lavender is floral and herbaceous, but its mint-like properties still stand with its antibacterial and cleansing powers!
Lavender is both relaxing and focus-enhancing, perfect for relieving stress and anxiety whilst assisting comfort, all great reasons to use Lavender during your studies.
And what's more, Lavender is the perfect incense to burn the night before a big exam thanks to its sedative and tranquilising effects.

3. Rose

rose flower

Rose incense is commonly associated with love and romance, just like the plant itself. It is a great scent for attracting that 'certain person' and evoking feelings of lust, passion, and abundance.
However, what people don't know is that Rose can also improve focus and memory...
Burning Rose incense in your home office, will not only leave it smelling sweet and flowery but will maximise your grades with a long-term memory boost.

4. Rosemary

rosemary sprigs

Rosemary is a popular aromatic herb, commonly used as a fresh seasoning in some of our favourite home-cooked meals. You may also find Rosemary in herbal teas, cleaning products, and cosmetics.
The heavily-scented needles of a Rosemary plant produce an astringent, yet somewhat refreshing and earthly aroma, which reflects also in Rosemary Incense.
Rosemary incense is wildly energising, perfect for perking you up ready for a period of work, studying, and exams. So there's no need for an espresso!

5. Patchouli

patchouli flower

Patchouli is another surprising member of the mint family. However floral and musky Patchouli is, it still has the refreshing and cleansing properties that other mint plants possess.
Patchouli is energising and clarifying, the perfect flower to provide the pick-me-up you need to get stuck into your studies.
Burning Patchouli incense produces an incredibly uplifting and motivating ambience, giving you that 'can do' attitude as well as feelings of abundance!

6. Cinnamon

cinnamon leaves

Cinnamon has a sweet, earthy, and wildly spicy aroma, the perfect hearty scent to keep you warm and cosy during those cold winter months.
But did you know, Cinnamon is a love-enhancing spice?
Better so, Cinnamon is associated with joy and happiness, as well as motivation and productivity, all having a powerful impact on our quality of work.
Cinnamon is a multi-purpose incense, perfect for bringing positivity and ambition into our heart space!

7. Vanilla

vanilla flowers

Vanilla is known as a moreish, sweet fragrance and a popular ice cream flavour, but there is so much more to this addictive spice!
Vanilla incense is the perfect tool for relieving creative blocks. And this is because it can inspire new ideas, colours, and motivation, as well as align an unbalanced Sacral Chakra. The perfect scent to use in subjects that require a lot of creative thought.

8. Peppermint

peppermint leaves

Peppermint is yet another member of the mint family (that being 3 on this list alone), however, unlike the others we have listed, Peppermint has the wildly fresh, minty aroma that is associated with the mint scent. Perhaps why Peppermint is one of the most cleansing and soul-healing herbs around!
Peppermint has a long-time association with assisting good oral health, relieving pain, repelling insects, and promoting healthy sleep. However, what you may not know about Peppermint, is that is extremely uplifting and can deter negative energy. 
All these factors can help to improve studying!

The Bottom Line

Studying can be difficult, however, burning one of these delightful incense fragrances may just give you the boost, energy, motivation, and focus you need. Now, get to work!

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